Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Tian Wei Confinement Food Review

After completing my 28 days of confinement, I decided to continue with traditional confinement food Singapore. Exactly the same as what I did during my first pregnancy. Read my previous Tian Wei Confinement Food Review here.

Before I continue with my review, if you like to find out more about my confinement period click here for PEM confinement nanny review and here for prenatal & postnatal massages review.

Some of you may be curious why I choose to take up confinement food when my 28 days of confinement is over. 

First, if you don't know, traditional confinement can be as long as 45 days for postpartum mummy to recuperate. 

Second, confinement food is very nutritional and as a nursing mother, it is definitely beneficial for the mummy and the baby. 

Third, I can have warm, nutritional food delivered right to my doorstep! Why not? I mean as a mother you will know how occupied you will be having to take care of a baby. The last thing you want to worry about is your meal! So let Tian Wei Confinement Food take care of it for you while you focus on taking care of the baby.  

Since I have to cook dinner for my husband and toddler Jaylene, I opt for lunch delivery only. 

Look at the yummy Hong Zao Ji! 

Tian Wei Signature's Vinegar Pig's Trotter is a hot favourite among many of my mummy friends! I love it too! 

Also, as part of Tian Wei Confinement Food's effort in conserving the environment, no plastic straw will be provided. Instead, a set of reusable metal straws will be given. 

As you continue to scroll down, you will notice the large variety of food that Tian Wei Signature has on their confinement food menu.

A lot of people actually asked if I feel "heaty" after having so much confinement food. My answer is no. I don't find the confinement meals from Tian Wei Signature to be especially heaty, the use of ginger slices and sesame oil are just right for me. So it wasn't overwhelming. They don't add any MSG too! 

Tian Wei Signature is also breastfeeding friendly! They include a lot of breastmilk boosting ingredients in their confinement food menu

Like green papaya soup, salmon, oat rice, quinoa, okra and many more! 

Don't worry, it is not rice everyday, you get noodles and bee hoon too! 

I must say that the team at Tian Wei Signature has been very 
responsive to my queries, they also call in frequently to gather feedback on their food! 

Other than traditional confinement food, Tian Wei Signature is known for their fusion confinement food menu too!

This seared salmon with cauliflower cream and tri coloured grains is my all time favourite! 

Not forgetting Tian Wei Signature Coq Au Vin!

Because of the huge varieties on the confinement food menu, I look forward to my confinement food catering everyday for a yummy surprise!

Tian Wei Signature is offering an early bird promotion! Learn more here.

If you are still contemplating, you can always sign up for their signature trial meal to taste for yourself!

This is an example of the signature trial meal. 

You can to enjoy a good variation of the confinement food that Tian Wei Signature offers!

I hope you find this Tian Wei Confinement Food review useful for you. Click here to book now!


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