Saturday, December 20, 2014

Media invite: Thai Village Restaurants @ Stadium

Established in 1991, you would probably be expecting food like Tom Yum Goong, Phat Thai or Green Curry on their menu? But nope, you can't. Offer mistaken for their name, Thai Village Restaurant, it is in fact an authentic Thai-Teochew Restaurant, serving up only high quality Thai-Chinese food. 

In fact, Thai Village Restaurant has grown steadily in regional capacity to become benchmark for exquisite Thai-Teochew cuisine in Singapore, China, Vietnam and Indonesia! Yes, they do have outlets beyond Singapore, in these countries as well. :)

The design of the restaurant is very modern Chinese, which already is hinting the diners that "Nope, you're not in a Thai-food restaurant".

There are also a few private rooms open for reservations if you are coming in large groups. :)

Now you must be wondering, what exactly is authentic Thai-Chinese food?

Well, when you are at Thai Village Restaurant, you can't miss their specialities! Which are Braised shark's fin, abalone rice, baked crab with vermicelli and baked salt chicken! 

If you're unsure, just ask the friendly waiters/waitresses! I'm sure they will be glad to offer their help. :)

Braised Superior Shark's Fin w Crab Meat, $65(S), $98(M), $130(L).

Comes in 3 sizes, but it is best to order one just for yourself! 

I know about the controversial on having Shark's fin. FYI, the shark's fin in Singapore are only from sustainable sources, such as Spain for Thai Village's case. :)  

Baked Duck Web, $20.

Duck feet in another word. 

To be honest, I've never eaten feet of any sort. This is definitely a first and I thought it was.. not bad? Haha! Just don't remind yourself they are feet. :P 

Deluxe Cold Dish, $42(S), $56(M), $70(L).

Of Giseng-alike prawn rolls, poached chicken, cold octopus, salted egg yolk & lup cheong rolls and prawn salad. 

All of us agreed that this should be hotel's golden standard for wedding dinner! Just look at the beautiful plating! ;D

Baked Crab with Vermicelli, $36(S), $54(M), $72(L).

You would noticed that a lot of dishes at Thai Village use claypot or metal wok like this to serve their food. This is to ensure that the food is served warm for the longest time! I thought this is very thoughtful, especially for people like *ehem* me, who can't stop snapping photos of the food. :P

Vermicelli which has absorbed all the heavenly goodness of the baked crab. Enough said? 

Baked Lobster with Cheese, $14/100g.

This is one of the latest dish on the menu. Lobster was baked with 3 types of cheese - parmesan, cheddar and brie. Love that the lobster was very meaty, but a little more cheese would definitely be welcomed. :)

Pan-fried Japanese Wagyu Beef, $88(S), $132(M), $176(L).

This is also another new baby on the menu which I would say, one of the most well-loved for the night! 

We certainly were not disppointed by how well-executed the wagyu beef was. Think large chunks of medium-rare cooked beef exploding in your mouth. That tenderness and juiciness of the meat was mind-blowing. Also, don't forget the innocent looking chucks of king oyster mushroom at the side! That almost stole the limelight of the wagyu beef!

Baked Cod Fish, $30(S), $45(M), $60(L). 

Plain in presentation compared to the other dishes, but this cod fish tasted nothing like how it looks. Love the smoothness and the subtle taste of sweetness in the meat. If only I had a bowl of rice, I would surely soak it up with all the gravy! 

Chinese Spinach with Superior Broth, $12(S), $18(M), $24(L).

Vegetable seem to be the last thing that anyone would look forward to? Haha! I love the superior broth but the spinach was slightly overcooked for me. 

Abalone Rice, $33.

I died when this bowl of rice was served in front of me. 


GIVE ME!!! <3 

Sorry for the caps, but I'm a gravy kind of girl. :p

Think a more atas mui-fan for this abalone rice. Simple but comforting. ^^

Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts, $5.

Last but not least, my all-time-favourite dessert to end the night. 

Thai Village's orh nee has to be one of the best one I've tried so far! Though the paste is not entirely smooth, I like it this way as I could taste small chunks of yam in it. In fact this was so good on its own that I could do without the coconut milk! 

Goodness overloaded for the night. *yum yum* 

ps: showed my mum all the yummy food I had at Thai Village  and now she is bugging me to bring her here too. Heh. :D

2 Stadium Walk, #01-02/03
Singapore Indoor Stadium (Carpark L)
Singapore 397691
Tel: 6440 2292
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am-2.30pm 




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