Saturday, January 23, 2016

Review: Peony Jade's Monkey Magic CNY Menu 2016

Yes, time to welcome the year of the Monkey! 

The other night, Mr Tan and I attended the media launch for Peony Jade's CNY festive menu. This is our second year here, a lot of new and familiar faces at the table. Definitely felt like it was somewhat a reunion dinner with the media friends! Haha! 

Anyway, reunion family always starts with a Lo Hei! 

This is Peony Jade's spectacular “Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” - Monkey-shaped Yu Sheng 猴(厚)瑞添财,连年步步高捞生, $388.88.

This brilliantly  hand-crafted Lo Hei is prepared with many premium seafood like lobster, abalone, clam, tuna and salmon! You can even find edible 18k gold leaves in it! 

After mixing in everything. Hahaha!

Suggested serving for this Lo Hei is 10 guests. But from my experience, I think it could even go up to 20 guests! Unless you're thinking of eating Lo Hei alone. I think nobody does that right? :P  


 “Triumph” - Premium Black Truffle and Braised Whole Abalone Poon Choi 满载而归珍饈( 黑松露原隻发财鮑鱼盆菜).

Priced at $88.88 per person (with a minimum order of 2 sets), 
$498.88 for the medium pot (serves 6 guests), 
$698.88 for the large pot (serves up to 10 guests). 

In this pot of treasures you can find 12 premium ingredients! From black truffles to 6-head whole abalone, red grouper, shrimp balls with Foie Gras, fresh plump scallops, spikes sea cucumber, king-size prawns, shiitake mushrooms, premium golden oysters, crab claws,  fish maw to taro and broccoli! 

Well, I can't say no to this! Especially when it uses REAL shaved black truffle! <3 

“Abounding Wealth” – Pit-fire Roasted Deboned Suckling Pig Rolls with Fragrant Wokfried Glutinous rice & Chinese sausages. 黄金大丰收, 大地亨通 ( 玉河畔发财鸿运生炒腊味糯米乳猪),  $198.88 (half), serves up to 6 guests.  $388.88 (whole), serves up to 10 guests.

Another dish that I can't resist! In fact this suckling pig with glutinous rice was my favourite dish of the night!

Love the crispy skin of the pig as well as the flavourful glutinous rice! I couldn't help but to go back for more servings. :P

“Progress & Advancement Wealth” - Sautéed Boston Lobster with Egg White topped with Crispy Golden Conpoy, Fish Roe and Caviar 禧龙添满福( 鱼子. 瑶柱. 蛋白炒波士顿龙虾), $128.88, serves 8 guests.

This is so beautiful! It's actually created based on a cherry blossom tree to signify bliss, success and fortune in the new year! So thoughtful! ^^

If Poon Choi and the Suckling Pig are too 'heavy' for your liking, opt for this as the flavour is really light and yet satisfying because of the sweetness from the fresh seafood. 

Last but not least, desserts~

Beautifully handcrafted,  kumquat-shaped mochi filled with yuzu-infused white lotus paste (back) and peach-shaped pastries with low sugar white lotus and Macadamia nuts (front). 

Priced at $68.88 per set of 8 in a box. 

Or do you prefer the signature flaky Teochew orh-nee pastry with egg yolk? :D

This has always been my favourite at Peony Jade! 

PURE Mao Shan wang durian layered nian gao, $88.88 serves 10-12.

If you have tried peony jade's durian snowskin mooncake, you will understand how good this durian will be. Some of us even bought 1 immediately because too good!

Note that Peony Jade is open throughout the entire CNY period! I think most of the dishes would require at least 1 day of advance order, so do call in to check before coming down. Reservation is always recommended! ^^

Peony JadeBukit Chermin Road, Keppel Club (Level M)Singapore 109918Tel: 6276 9138Operation Hours: OPEN THROUGHOUT THE LUNAR NEW YEAR PERIOD