I'm Lirong, owner and main editor of lirongs/herfelicity.

My blog was started on 31st January 2011 as a personal site. As the word 'felicity' suggests, this space is mainly for me to document moments of my life (as well as for me to express and share my thoughts, or rather, rants)

Right now, I'll still continue to share my humble baking/cooking recipes. At the same time, I'll also be sharing my personal reviews of cafes/restaurants and interesting/upcoming new restaurants from my food tasting events.

Although my blog is very much food-centric, I do write on beauty and fashion as well (still a vain girl after all). I do accept sponsorships/advertisement for beauty and fashion appeals. Drop me an email and we can discuss further. ^^

7 years went back, the lady here went from a single to a married woman and now, a mother to her baby girl. Right now, I'm more focused on parenthood on my blog. Well, it has always been a mixture! Haha!

For enquiry on recipes, advertisement, food tasting or other business opportunity and etc, you can reach me at lir0ngs90@gmail.com.

Because it is so much easier to blog on the go, so Dayre (@lirongs) is where you can find me now! Hahaha! 

*edit edit*

On long vacation because both editors and co-editors are busy with our home renovation and wedding planning.. hehe.. :D 
Hope over to Dayre to read more on what we are busy with! ^^


Co-editor, Guan. 

When the girl gets too busy, the man has to step up. Click here for all the post that I've contributed for this blog. :)


ps: All photos taken with Iphone  or Samsung Galaxy Camera. Please do not grab any of my photos without my acknowledgement. Thank you. :) 


Currently using iphone6s for the photos. :)

Photos shot with iphone 8 plus mainly, occasionally with Sony a6300.


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