Monday, August 17, 2015

Recipe: Breakfast Wraps // Egg Mayo Sandwich

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so it is my favourite meal, I'm sharing more breakfast idea again! ^^

Well, I admit that it's not everyday that we have the time to prepare a big breakfast of eggs, toasts and etc. That's only possible on a weekend for most of us. 

So does that means we just 'anyhow' settle our breakfast on a weekday? 

Definitely not! 

So this is what I like to do for my weekday breakfast. Make some simple wraps or sandwiches the night before and they can be kept in the fridge up to 3 days! 

Egg mayo sandwiches.

There was a time when I literally made them EVERYNIGHT! Because my family really love it! Haha! 

So this is how I like to do it. One box of sandwiches for each person! ^^

So here's a simple recipe for an easy homemade egg mayonnaise.

4 hard boiled eggs, chopped
4 crabsticks, chopped
Dash of black pepper
2 tbsp mayonnaise

1. In a bowl, mix evenly the chopped eggs and crabsticks.
2. Add black pepper and mayonnaise into the mixing bowl. Combine well.
3. Best stored in fridge before spreading.

Sometimes I add in variations like cucumbers, corns and bread crumbs!:)

No time to make egg mayo? Sometimes I'll just make some tuna mayo or make a simple ham and cheese sandwich! All is good. ^^

Oh yeah, I recommend wholemeal bread of course! Personally I love Gardenia's Super Soft & Fine Enriched Wholemeal Bread!

More breakfast variation!

Can't just keep to egg mayo sandwiches, otherwise my 'bosses' at home will complain. Hahaha! Added ham into this! ^^

This is scrambled egg sandwich,.

Omelette sandwich // Firm tofu sandwich.

I use Gardenia's multigrain bread for this! My family don't like this bread (too dry for them) but it is my favourite! :D 

Omelette, ham and cheese panini sandwich. 

Love panini bread too! So flavourful~ 
Anyway, this is really big. Wholesome enough for lunch too! ^^ 

A special treat would be something like Taiwan sausage bun! ^^

Ok. Wraps.

Once upon a time, I was making wraps almost everyday too. Haha! Because Mr Tan loves it and became addicted. Heh. 

What I usually have for my wrap filling (I use Mission Food's wraps). Usually it will be like egg mayo (we are die hard egg mayo fans!), hot dog, cheese and crab sticks. Remember to include some greens too! Healthy and gives a crunchy bite to the wraps as well~ 

Oh yes! Can't miss out our favourite bbq sauce too! ^^ 

Ok. I'm craving for some wraps now. Hahaha! :P


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