Saturday, September 1, 2018

Towards better complexion with La Clinic

Jaylene and mummy woke up like this in the morning. ^^

I'm not a makeup junkie, but I'm definitely take my skincare regimen seriously.  


Ever since I take up the role of a mother, I have been slacking in my skincare routine. No time, no time! I'm sure SAHM can relate to this? Even going to the toilet, I have to sneak away from Jaylene, you tell me, where I find the time to slowly apply my toner, essence, moisturiser or even a mask? I'm so tired at the end of the day. >.< 

Also, now as a nursing mother, I'm also more concern and careful with the beauty procedures that I do. The last thing I want is to bring harm to my baby. 

To be honest, while we are still nourishing our baby with nature's gift, there are a lot of aesthetic treatments that are unsafe and not suitable for us. 

However, at La Clinic, they do offer a few treatments that are suitable for nursing mothers and pregnant women! Yay! You know how those hormones ruin our skin. 
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A little background on La Clinic. Located in Paragon Medical Center, Singapore. It is an aesthetic clinic that offers medical treatments for the face, skin and body. 

I've been seeing Dr Rachel Ho from La Clinic. She's an aesthetic doctor as well as a mother! The latter is really the reason why I trust her to take care of my skin while I'm breastfeeding. 

This is my bare skin before I started seeing Dr Rachel Ho monthly at La Clinic. 

Dark under eye circles aside (Thank you Jaylene for blessing mama with them.😪 ) , you can tell that my skin is really dull and dry. Notice uneven pigmentation too? Which is why I always appear to look very weak and even sick-looking if I were to head out without makeup. Haha! 

So after seeing Dr Ho, she recommended that we start with chemical peel and Qswitch laser treatments which are safe for nursing mothers and pregnant women. I'll love to fix my dark circles, but unfortunately the treatment isn't safe for nursing mother. So I'll just have to pray that Jaylene STTN soon. Haha! 

Another bare face look just two sessions with Dr Rachel! 

A side to side comparison. 

Do you see that my skin is brighter? Definitely less dull and my skin tone is more even too!

After my third session with Dr Ho. 

Look at my skin! It is glowing! Zero makeup, no edit or filter too. 

As the primary caregiver to my clingy Jaylene, I really don't have the luxury of time to sneak out for pampering sessions like this. So I love that the consultations with Dr Ho at La Clinic is very low maintenance and quick! It is also great for working ladies to pop by during lunch break to give your skin a good treat! ^^

I usually pop by once a month on a Saturday morning while Jaylene is still sleeping with her daddy. Just half an hour and I'll be on my way home to my baby again! No sweat at all. 

Despite having less than ideal sleep, thanks to Dr Ho, I still look like a human. Haha! In fact, one with good complexion! I'm not greedy, I just aim for a good complexion that doesn't require much makeup to conceal the flaws because mama here have no time to do makeup too. :P 

Ok, enough of my raving on the chemical peels and Qswitch laser treatments that I've done. 

More information on the two treatments that I've done over the four months below: 

1. Chemical Peel 

What is a chemical peel?
It is a medical treatment performed by the doctor to exfoliate skin, lighten pigmentation, control acne and achieve a more even skin tone and softer texture.
How does a chemical peel work?
Quite simply by peeling away dead skin and grime and blackheads and whiteheads! This lets the newer skin underneath to resurface and complements the use of Qswitch laser for even better results.

It took less than a minute for this treatment to be done! 

2. Qswitch Laser

What is Qswitch laser?
It is a type of laser used to treat skin conditions such as pigmentation, dull skin, acne, oily skin and pores.
What are the benefits of Qswitch laser?
- Lightening of pigmentation (e.g. sunspots, age spots, melasma, hori’s nevus…etc)
- Lightening of dark acne marks (actually considered a type of pigmentation)
- Skin rejuvenation (brighter, glowy skin with more even skin tone and texture)
- Control and reduction of pimples and acne
- Smaller pores
- Less oily skin
Who is suitable for Qswitch laser?
1) patients with pigmentation. More mature patients with age spots to younger patients with dark acne scars
2) acne- teenagers and adults with adult onset acne can benefit
3) pregnant women- pregnancy can cause pigmentation problems like melasma or acne will find
this especially helpful because they are not suitable for most medications for acne and pigmentation due to the risk of fetal abnormalities
4) patients looking for rejuvenation of their skin or to age-proof their skin. Patients in their 20’s can get this done without incurring any downtime.

For more information on laser treatment, you can refer to this post by Dr Rachel Ho. 
Do refer to La Clinic's website for the full range of treatments that they offer too! :)

Oh yes, with better skin, it makes application of makeup so much easier too! ^^

Good deals for my readers!

There is a one time trial for first timers at $250 for both treatments combined. Thereafter, prices for Qswitch laser begin at $280 (and $360 if combined with chemical peel) for a treatment plan with more sessions. Simply quote my name, "Lirong", for 10% discount and waive off the $100 consult if you were to proceed with any treatment plan. 

Ps: I've been following Dr Rachel Ho's blog for her beauty sharing and tips. Do hop over for for more insights! 



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