Sunday, September 25, 2016

Recipe: Pandan Kaya Bread

Hi everyone! If there's still anyone reading this space. Haha! 

My goodness, the last time I updated this space was in July? :P 

Pardon for the lack of updates over here. I'm still very active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Dayre. Under the same username @lirongs. 

I left because blogging takes up to much time, especially when I have a day job. Also, Dayre is simply a much better platform for 'micro-blogging'. Haha! 

So, why I came back to blogging? 

I think because I it upsets me when I'm not doing the things that brings me here, to share my kitchen experimentation. 

I feel humbled with the number of people requesting me to share my recipes whenever I post on my Instagram or Dayre. Thank you for the love! <3 

I may not make the best meal, may not come up with the best recipes, but I'll still try my best to share. :)

Here's one for a start. 

Bread, one of my favourite food! :D

If you have been following me on my Dayre, you probably have witnessed my home renovation process. Evverything has ended and our #suntannest is currently our weekend home! I've shared some visuals on Dayre, go check them out if you're curious. :D 

Anyway, we bought appliances for our place of course. One of the best buy would be our Hitachi machine.

Image result for hitachi microwave oven mro-av100e 

It's a smart micowave oven that can do lots of functions! Including a breakmaker function in it! Go to Hitachi's website if you want to find out more. :)

The best thing is, it even comes with  recipe book that contains over 100 of recipes!.

I modified the bread recipes given and baked a pumpkin bread!

This was so good that I had to bake 2 loaves within a day!

I also experimental with chocolate and mixed nuts & fruits bread.

You can choose the 'doneness' of your bread. Be it softer, harder or medium. I always go with medium. :)

Matcha with azuki swirl bread.

So soft and fluffy! 

The latest I've tried is this pandan kaya bread!

Basically I added a few spoonful of kaya paste inside and replaced water with coconut milk! It was supreme!

Recipe below. :)

250g bread flour
3g instant yeast
180ml coconut milk
30g sugar
12g butter (I replaced with coconut oil)
1 tsp pandan paste 
1 tsp pandan essence
pinch of salt 
4 tbsp kaya 

If you have a breadmaker, good for you! Just put all the above ingredients into the machine and let it do the job!

Otherwise, use your hands and knead! Good workout yo~ :D

 1. Mix bread flour, sugar and yeast in the mixing bowl, mix well. Add in salt and coconut milk, pandan essence, pandan juice and kaya. Mix into a dough and knead to combine.

 2. Add in butter, knead until dough becomes shiny and smooth. 

3. Proof the dough for 1 hour or until double the size. 

4. Divide dough into 2 equal balls, then allow them to rest for another 10 minutes.

5. Flatten one of the ball into a rectangle shape and roll it up. Repeat for the second ball.

6. Place the 2 doughs into a baking tin (I use Pullman tin) and allow for final proofing for another 1 hour. 

7. Bake in a preheated oven at 190 degree Celsius  for 30 minutes.

Egg-in-a-hole pandan kaya toast. 

Just how soft the bread is. <3

If you need the recipe for the toast, check it out here. :) 

You know what's the best thing about the Hitachi machine? It has self cleaning function!! Yay!

I got it from Audio House, not sure if any other places are selling it. You can try your luck. :)

ps, not an ad.



  1. Hello Lirongs, thank you for sharing again.

    Priscilla Poh

    1. Hi Priscilla,

      Thank you for always dropping by! <3


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