SCAMP Inagawa Senior gathering! Met everyone at Dohby Ghaut before heading to MIND CAFE together.
haha, Juyin and I actually plotted hidaya! We actually ‘LIED’ to her that we can’t make it cox of sport meeting that day (which was cancelled in the end) But we actually appeared! HOHO! It’s so fun to make fun of her :P Hidaya you r my source of entertainment :D
pls rotate ur head. LOL!
This was what I'm most interested in :D
Juyin's beef lasagna
Hidaya's cheesy fish & chips
My tom yum chicken mushroom pasta! More like some creamy pasta. LOL! But there is actually a taste of tom yum in it.. Still it's SOSO only. :X
our drinks
We ate and played at the same time! Had a great bonding session with the seniors! SCAMP GONNA BE SO COOL!!! :D
From senior gathering