Friday, June 1, 2012

Addiction vs Obession

Ended lab like super early today, before noon yo~ Whoohoo!

#food #sgfood #jollibean #obession (Taken with instagram)

Dropped by NEX to get my obession, Jollipancake.
Oh my love. :')

Woohoo! Food! :D #hungry (Taken with instagram)

Next stop, Kovan 21, to get my favorite fried beehoon! :D Though beehoon was sold out. :/ 
Love this stall because the auntie is always so generous. Teehee!

Everyday I cell culturing~  (Taken with instagram)

Our daily work in lab, cell culturing. Kinda love it. Haha! But has to be super meticulous to not contaminate my babies, renal carcinoma. :P

Next week gonna start on western blot, which is also my hate! Because the process is super long and tedious. At least 2 long days to finish one western blot! T^T The sad thing is my FYP will require me to do a lot of western blot.

Okok, stop myself from ranting now.

Yong tau foo lunch! #food #sgfood  (Taken with instagram)

The supposed healthy Yong Tau Foo made unhealthy because of my love to spam it with lots of sauces. Oops. :X 

Some previous cooks for dinner:

Ma-po fish?  (Taken with instagram)#food #chinese  (Taken with instagram)

Left: Ma Po Tofu & Fishes
Right: Stir-fried pork belly with onion

Since I'm home early today, decided to cook pumpkin rice to satisfy my own craving! ^^

Taken with instagram

Yes, pumpkin is my addiction. <3

Cooked pumpkin rice by myself! :D  (Taken with instagram)

Dinner-ed alone because the brother went out and parents would be home late.
This gonna be my life when brother enlists next week. :'(

Bro&#8217;s love! Haha! @coolze_sun  (Taken with instagram)

My bro's love. He could answer every questions that I asked about them!

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