Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in a nutshell

It is my habit to write a post of some of the more memorable events that happened in the year. So here it is for 2012. :)

1. My hair is no longer a virgin! LOL! Permed it earlier this year. :)

2, Shifted house for the 5th time of my 22 years of life. I know right! The thing is I only had less than a month to pack!!! *phew* 

 Suppose to be in lab today, but I woke up sick. Can’t even get out of bed. #eventhebodyhateslab (Taken with Instagram)

3. To the land of Dim Sum and disneyland, Hongkong!

4, Bro graduated from NYP!

5. Started on FYP, the horror!

Everyday I cell culturing~  (Taken with instagram)

6. School attachment, one step closer to being a teacher. :)

I is a teacher! �� (Taken with Instagram)

7. Bro entering NS!

Enlist lo~  (Taken with instagram)

8. Instagram addicted! Seriously! :X

9. Baked some decent cakes? :P

10. One year anniversary with my baby ride!

11. Ate 20 steamboats and 28 buffets this year alone!!!! CRAZY WOMAN! haha!

12. Finally the thing that affected me the most this year. My health. I only hope that coming 2013 I can recover asasp and this is my only hope. 


Dear 2013, please bring me with good health. Thank you. :) 

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