Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review: Nana's Green Tea Cafe

Continuing from our feast at Tim Ho Wan. As the saying goes, a meal is never completed without some desserts. So we headed over to Nana's Green Tea to sum up the night. :) 

Side track a little, Singapore in recent years in terms of eateries has certainly been flourishing. That's really a very good thing. I remembered gathering with friends has always been Swensen/pizza hut etc. But look at now, who still goes to these places when there are so many interesting cafes popping out every now and then? 

Ok, so back to Nana's Green Tea. 

Matcha Anmitsu 

A very decent dessert for individuals who doesn't fancy those super sweet, sweet desserts. Good for weight-watchers I would say. 

Matcha parfait

Chocolate parfait. 

Parfaits are just so pretty aren't they? Definitely a much more sinful treat, but come on life is short. 

Alright, for the rest of the photos they were all taken using my Samsung galaxy, thus better quality. :D 


Paula, the professional camera user, started playing with the galaxy and 'discovered' that it's kinda like a semi-pro. #okcan. Good-camera-put-to-waste-by-me. 

An awesome photo, which is not taken by me. :P

The boys. 

The girls.

We were joking it was almost like a 'meet your SP' session. 

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe
Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road #03-80/82 Singapore 238839 
Tel: +65 6684 4312
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm


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