Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: Selfish Gene Cafe

I have a long list of cafes that I wanted to visit before life gets busy again. But thanks to the haze, the plan is paused indefinitely. :'( 

Anyhow, I was at Selfish Gene Cafe the other day when back then the haze was still tolerable. 

My partner in crime. 

We had intended to have brunch together, but thanks to my 'marvellous' sense of direction, it turned out to be a lunch because I wouldn't find my way. -.- 

Who doesn't love all-day-breakfast eh? 

Anyways, the all day breakfast menu is available from 10am - 3pm daily. 


scrambled eggs on thick toasted brioche with mesclun salad

VALERIE 2, $11.90

toasted brioche with homemade berry compote, cream cheese, mesclun salad with scrambled eggs.


scrambled eggs, english pork sausage, honey baked ham, sauteed mushroom, tomato confit, toasted brioche,

french butter and jam.

I especially chose this cafe for us because of the good reviews of course and also because it's a very pocket friendly one as well. Prices ranges from $10-$15 and the quality of food was definitely not compromised. We love the scrambled eggs so so much! Soft and moist, perfect for some foodgasm. 

By the way, if you're coming on a weekend, do their their special B.O.B, which is only available on weekends. :) 

I'm not a coffee lover, but I do appreciate lovely coffee arts. <3 

Ending with some OOTD. :D

40 craig road
Singapore 089678
Contact: 6423 1324
Operation hours: 10am to 6pm closed on tues

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