Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: Hifumi Japanese Restaurant

Hifumi, a very economical Japanese restaurant that sells cheap bento set meals.

Most importantly, all bento sets comes with a all-you-can-eat appetizer bar.

At the appetizer bar you would expect to find at least 10 different type of appetizers. 

 These include things like apple pumpkin salad (SUPER LOVE), more salad,  tofu gratin, jellyfish, cheese fondue, rice cracker, fried fish, soba and everybody’s favourite chawanmushi.

Look at the amount of food we had for 3 girls. Oh, it's only 2/3. Haha!

Chicken Oyakoni, $12.99.

Vegetable Curry, $11.99.

Basically the mains were quite small serving which make sense since there is a free flow of appetizer.

I highly recommend you have their pumpkin and apple salad because I alone had at least 4 plates of it. Yes, it was that good that I wouldn't mind being yellow from carotene-overdosing. Heh. :P

Greedy girl is me. :P

Overall, I find the main entry is just okay. Not very fantastic. I guess the attraction about Hifumi is their appetizer buffet of course. By the way you can top up just another $1.99 for a free flow of beverages as well. I expecting myself to come back for more of their appetizers for sure. :D

ps: Queue starts to form after 8pm so come earlier if possible! :)


My ladies. <3

Had a great night with them and of course being interrogated by them. haha! :D

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #04-68,
Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: 1130am -1000pm
Tel: 6338 4712


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