Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taiwan June 2014 Day 1, Part 2: Green Green Grassland (Cing Jing)

Alright, continuing my post on Taiwan. After settling down at Starry Minsu, the owners gave us a short introduction with the various attractions at Cing Jing, 清境農場. They even helped us to plan our routes and time! Haha! #sohelpful. 

So we were drove down to Green Green Grassland 青青草原 first, and from there we walked downhill, which will lead us to other attractions such as Small Swiss Garden 清境小瑞士花園 and Carton King 紙箱王. 

The beautiful and breathtaking view from Green Green Grassland. 

Of course before you enter, you got to get your tickets! Be sure to show your Youth Travel Card for additional discount yo! ^^

I was truly blown away by the beauty of mother nature. <3 

And if you're wondering how's the temperature like at Cing Jing. Well, just imagine Genting Highland, it would be good if you're in something warm! :)

Just need a cup of tea and cake. ^^

So these are the main attractions at Green Green Grassland. 

The sheep! Many many sheep in fact. At least a hundred of them all over the place. 

And of course, there shits are all over the place! Haha. Not smelly at all, but just watch your steps! :P

I guess because we are really use to city life, so this type of countryside environment brings a lot of serene to the mind and soul. 

If you can, do visit Green Green Grassland on a weekend! Every weekend, 2pm, there would be a sheep show! Too bad we missed it because we were there on Monday. :/ Well, heard that its quite interesting. :) 

Though we missed the meh meh show, we had fun chasing them around la. At least the boy did, and taking selfie with them! Haha! 

Also, we managed to ride a horse! Whoa! That was really an experience for me! Kinda scary as the horse is quite huge and we were scare that it might just go wild and crazy. LOL! Of course that didn't happen. :D 

Food is something that you don't have to be worried at all in Taiwan. In fact, we have never gone hungry at all throughout the trip! LOL! 

So if you're thinking where to have lunch, at the end of Green Green Grassland, there's a somewhat like our hawker centre kinda eatery. Every stall sells almost the same items actually, so just go for the more populated ones if you're uncertain which to go for. 

Bamboo Shoot Rice x Stir Fried Noodles with minced meat x Pan fried dumplings.

Really homely dishes. Weren't exactly out of the world kinda yummy, but definitely something special! Especially the bamboo shoot rice! I also got to know later that Taiwanese love their minced meat a lot!

Continuing our journey downhill, towards Small Swiss Garden. 


Actually, it is really easy to explore the area. Just keep walking downhill and along the way, stop to take some photos. At least that was what we did. :D 

Anyway, we were quite unlucky that the rain started to pour heavily as we were walking down. :/ Forest wasn't exactly the best place to be in especially when you're caught in a heavy rain. I think the rain was at its heaviest when we reached the 499 steps trail. 499 steps isn't at all bad IF the weather was good. LOL!

Another bad luck moment was when we reached Small Swiss Garden to realise that it was closed for maintenance. </3 

Decided to take a walk at Carton King instead and seek shelter there. 

A world where everything is of Carton. Quite impressive ya? But the area is really small, there is a bigger one at Tai Chung, Xin She, which we had visited. Stay tune for that one! ^^ 

Since the owner was going to pick us up at 5pm, and we couldn't go anywhere because Small Swiss Garden was closed and it was raining too heavily for us to walk around, so we decided to seek shelter in the nearest 7-11, and admire all the amazing cup noodles there. LOL. 

Oh ya! Be sure to buy back some snacks and drinks on your way back to the Minsu as it's almost impossible to get down here again. So do load up with some food and drinks to get through the night ya? 

Ending with a map of Cing Jing for your easy reference. If you could see, Starry Minsu is actually at the very top! Click here to read more about my stay at the Minsu. ^^ 

Also you may want to visit Cing Jing's website for more information! :) 

Ok, officially ended my posts for day 1. Stay tune for day 2, which I will be writing on Sun Moon Lake and the hotel that I've stayed at Tai Chung! :)