Saturday, November 7, 2015

Review: Kombi Rocks @ Yio Chu Kang Road // TheShiokBook

The other night, the girlfriends and I check out Kombi Rocks together! 

Another cafe that I have always been wanting to visit! 

When you arrived at the cafe you will notice a lot of cool vehicles parked outside! These are call the 'Kombi' (that's why the name eh?) Or in Chinese we call it 面包车

So cool lah! :D 

Do you know that they offer ride rentals for their cool kombi? Check out their website for more! 



Look at all these!! <3

Loving the space and ambience a lot. ^^

The whole space kinda reminds me of The Coastal Settlement! But this space is probably just a fifth of the entire place there. Haha! 

Though the hipster look, the cafe doesn't offer your usual cafe food.  Instead, the menu focuses more on Thai-Teochew cuisine! 

Drinks we had.

Root Beer Float, $6.
Giant Fizzy Apple Juice, $5.50.
Iced Mocha, $6.
Sparkling Perrier, $4.

Let's not talk about the bottled ones, but the house specials like Iced Mocha and Giant Fizzy Juice were... tasteless. :/

We ordered 2 large mains and 2 sides to share. 

Claypot Fujian Noodles, $16 (2pax).

Looks really good right! I mean I like how claypot will immediately make a dish much more appetising! Haha! In my opinion of course.:D 

Sadly, the noodles was way overcooked, quite soggy. :/ Taste wise was good. 

Crabmeat Fried Rice, $20 (2pax).

I was honestly shocked when the food came. Hahaha! $20 for this?

Salt & Pepper Calamari, $12. 

We didn't expect the calamari to be served this way too. :/ 

Nachos with cheese dip, $6. 

This was good though. Haha! But I think should be from supplier? :P

Orh nee, $15.

This was seriously overpriced! But I ordered it still because I've expected more. Since a Thai-teochew place right? 

Sadly, orh nee came out to be overly sweet and watery.. T.T

Lava Cake with Ice Cream, $10. 

It came like this. 

We thought the pricetag is really steep here? :/ But I do understand that the owner needs to cover for his/her cost for the effort in the decoration, 

I guess, you'll be paying more for the vintage ambient feel when you're here. :)

Kombi Rocks
66 Yio Chu Kang Road
Tel: 6288 1206

Thankfully we have TheShiokBook to cover some of the cost!

Despite using the 1-for-1 main, our dinner still came up to about $93! :O

If you don't know about TheShiokBook, it is a dining guide which offers either 1-for-1 deals or 25% off the total bill at popular dining places in Singapore! Kombi Rocks is one of them, check out the whole list of restaurants here!:)

Shared some of #theshiokbook vouchers with the girls too. :D 

Bought the famous Hougang 6 mile famous muah chee to share with them too! 

Black Sesame one was really flavourful! 

Though it has the name Hougang there, the stall is actually located at HDB Hub's basement 1 foodcourt yo~