Friday, December 4, 2015

Review: Purple Sage's Christmas Festive Menu

The other night, Mr Tan and I had a great dinner at Sky Garden, Sentosa, hosted by Purple Sage! :)

The place is so beautiful right!!! *insert heart shape eyes*

Mr Tan immediately planned to have our ROM solemnisation here. 

But hello. You have not proposed yo~ 

Hahaha! :P 

Anyway, we were invited by Purple Sage to try their 'A Taste of Christmas' menu for this festive! :) 

Beautiful set up by Purple Sage! 

I've checked and our host told us that they will be doing similar set up for the actual event, should you order their  'A Taste of Christmas' buffet menu as well. :) 

Like always, I like to do a bit of research before going for any event and I found that Purple Sage is reputable for their wedding set up! So I'm not really surprised by this beautiful christmassy layout. 

They certainly live up to their motto of 'Lifestyle Catering, Sensory Dining'! 

Purple Sage is offering 2 Christmas Menu - Christmas Cheer ($28/pax, min 30pax) & Festive Tidings ($38/pax, min 30pax) 

Of course if you like, you can go for a la carte as well. :)

Click here to find out more about their Christmas offerings!

Anyway, we tried the Festive Tidings which consists of 2 starters. 

1. Insalata Di Asparagus

Romaine, Walnut, Cranberry and Asparagus 

Accompanied with Fruity Dressing

2. Seafood SaladRiver Prawn, Mussel, Squid, Dutch Cucumber, Tomato and Spanish Onion
Tossed with Dill and Calamansi Dressing

Soup - Asparagus and Chestnut Volute with Cream Fraiche.

Honestly, I'm never a big fan of heavy, creamy soup... 

But I had 3 big bowls of this! :D 

For the mains we had Baked Turkey Breast with Cajun Spice

Accompanied with Cranberry Sauce (back) and Steamed Saffron Rice with Raisin and Almond (front). 

The latter was lacking in saffron taste, otherwise it makes a good staple food. While, I enjoyed the baked Turkey more! It was moist and tender. Not drying at all. 

Appreciate that the turkey was nicely sliced for easy portioning too! :) 

Roasted Australian Chill Striploin 
Accompanied with Whiskey Peppercorn Sauce (back) 
Roasted Potato with Pesto Sauce (front)

Mr Tan and I agreed that these were our favourites of the night, especially the striploin!

Oven Baked Atlantic Salmon
Glazed with Red Miso and Coated with Furikake and Cereal
Vichy Baby Carrot and Broccoli
Tossed with First Pressed Olive Oil, Parsley and Pine Nut (back) 

Perhaps due to the use of both miso and furikake, the salmon was too heavily seasoned for our likings. :/

What's Christmas without log cake! Here's a very beautiful log cake that represents Purple Sage very well! :D 

Homemade Chocolate Mousse
With Sangria Wild Berries

Truly blown away by this piece of art! <3 Can't believe that this is coming from a catering buffet! If you want to impress your guests, this is it! Plated dessert right in your house. 

Raspberry drink was served. :)  

I wouldn't say that food was fantastic. But it was decent and not to mention the very very presentable buffet line up! You're sure to impress your guests!

At least I was very impressed with how meticulous Purple Sage is and how they pay close attention even down to the little details. 

If you're looking for a good location to host your Christmaas party, Purple Sage would be able to help you as well!

Sky Garden is one beautiful location which Purple Sage works closely with. 

They have a list of locations upon request.

I saw one of their events at Gardens by the Bay and it was beautiful as well!! 

But one thing good about Sky Garden is that we get to enjoy firework at specific timings! 

The 2 of us were certainly delighted about this. Hahaha! 

Anyway, so excited for this Christmas! It's our third Christmas together and also the Christmas when we got to know that our flat will be ready very very soon! :')

Time to get busy with the renovation work! :D