Sunday, June 30, 2013

Recipe: Flourless durian cake

Thanks to the hazy weather for the passed few weeks (better now), I was trapped at home and was very very bored. :( 

I thought since I have nothing to do, why not do some experimentations in the kitchen? Nope, I'm not planning to blow up the kitchen. 

I was actually eyeing the durian that daddy bought. I removed the seeds and blended the durian flesh to get a smooth durian purée which I couldn't resist scooping a few right into my mouth. 

Then I thought, why not a flourless durian cake? To be honest, at that point of time I have no idea whether this would work out, if it doesn't all my precious durian would goes to waste!!! T.T 

So with some baking knowledges and imaginary, using the simplest ingredients.. 

Presenting a successful flourless durian cake! 

200 g durian purée
3 eggs
2 tbsp sugar

1. Preheat oven to 180C. 
2. Using a cake mixer, whisk eggs and sugar till light and creamy. 
3. Add in the durian purée and whisk till well combined. 
4. Pour the durian batter into a line pan (I used an aluminium baking tray) and bake at  180C for 30 mins or when the skewer comes out clean. 

As simple as the recipe sounds, I've never expected a successful attempt (thus the use of disposable baking tray)

Wondering how the cake tasted like? 2 words, soft and moist. I was overjoyed that the smell of durian totally masked the burned smell (caused by the haze) in the air. The smell of heaven for sure. <3 

Close up to this super moist flourless durian cake. 

The family even 'complained' that I left them a piece each only. Oops! Wells, I have to taste-try one piece right? Also, as the baker I get to have additional pieces isn't it? Hee..  In conclusion, get me more durian next time. if you have any questions. :) 



  1. where u get tht winnie cup?

  2. yum this looks great! I heard that durian smells awful but tastes delicious? unfortunately I live in the west and I can't get my hand on any here. What is its consistency like? Is there another fruit I can replace it with? Because this looks so decadent!

    1. Thank you dear!:) Haha! The taste is really dependent on individual and yes some people really can't stand the smell of durian. :P This fruit is very creamy and has a high proportion of fats. Maybe you can replace with a fruit at your side that has similar taste and texture? :)

    2. is it possible not to blend the durian? also, how many durian did you use to get 200g of puree? If we have lesser durian, do we reduce the number of eggs?

    3. Hi!:)

      It is necessary to blend the durian to get a fine texture. It's about a whole durian itself. Slightly lesser durian puree is fine, you can still use the same amount of eggs.


  3. Hi Lirong, may I just check where did you get the durian puree? Is it from the durian itself? Thanks! :) Love your bakes!

    1. Hi,

      Yes, its from the durian itself. :) Aww~ Thank you so much Xue Wei! ^^

  4. I was surfing around for a simple durian cake recipe and came across yours. My wife and I tried it and it came out fabulous! It is so simple and yet so good!

    Never thought it could be this easy. It tasted like the malay kueh called 'Kuih Bingka'. Usually kuih bingka is made from tapioca while there are some are from durian. But i prefer this version...

    Thank you very much for this decadent recipe!

    1. aww~ thank you very much! Glad you and your wife love the recipe! So sweet to have the both of you to bake together. :) Yup! It has a very 'kueh-ish' texture. haha!