Thursday, January 7, 2016

Review: Pho Street @ Bedok Mall

Vietnamese food for a dinner tasting the other night with Mr Tan! ^^

We probably haven't had Vietnamese food for a long long time~ Haha! I remembered sometime back, Vietnamese Pho was relatively new, so we tried like almost all the different brands in the market? :P 

To be honest, we really miss a good bowl of pho. So we were keen to try the new menu at Pho Street after we got to know that they have changed a new head chef. :) 

Spread for the two of us. 

What's new right? :PpP

Honestly, we thought we wouldn't be able to finish the food too.

Yes, we thought. 

But in the end, of course we did finish the food! Haha!

Not because we were hungry. But  because we came without expecting much about the food, yet we were pleasantly surprised by the new food experience after a change in Pho Street's head chef! 

ps; the only complain I have would be the small tables and uncomfortable seats. :P 

Vietnamese snack platter (crispy fried pork roll, roasted chicken skewer, Vietnamese crabcakes) , $8.90. 

It should come in 2 per item, but we were having lots of food so we had 1 each only. I like the chicken skewer and crabcakes best! :D

Fried chicken wings served with caramelised sweet dip, $4.90 for 3 pcs.

Can't say no to fried chicken! The sweet dip makes a lot of different to the fried chicken as well. Maybe because it's like sweet and tangy so it hits my spot. <3

Sesame rice cracker with fragrant minced eat and spices dip, $6.90.

A bit like the Thai dip that I've tried before! I could taste lemongrass and curry in it! I likeeee~ 

To eat like a Vietnamese, of course one cannot, not order the Vietnamese spring roll, $4.90 for 2 and Pho Beef combination, $9.90.

The Vietnamese spring rolls were wrapped with prawns, pork belly and fresh herbs! 

I think popiah is my favourite type of roll, followed by Vietnamese spring roll! Don't really fancy our Chinese fried spring roll? :P

The latter is a comfort bowl of Pho. Expect items like beef balls, beef slices, beef shank, beef tendons and beef tripe! For the price, I think very worth it! No weird beef smell too. Just that I wish the soup could be more flavourful. :D 

Dry rice vermicelli with roasted pork chop & spring roll, $8.90.

Our first time trying Vietnamese's dry noodles version! Light on the flavours. Peanut and fish sauce are the ones here. Quite a refreshing bowl I would say. :)

Banh mi combination, $6.90.

Of pork belly, grilled beef and chicken ham and I'll choose this over subway any time!

But I guess it will be more convenient for eating if the sandwich could be sliced into 2 pieces. 

Vietnamese caramelised braised pork belly with egg vermicelli, $8.90.
This is a new dish that's launched as part of the celebration for Vietnamese New Year! Which is the same date as our Chinese New Year. Haha! I didn't know that!!

Anyway, if  banh mi was my top pick, this is my second! Looks so homely right?!

Thank you Pho Street for hosting us! ^^

Overall, I guess there were more hits than misses, and taking into account of the very competitive prices, I really can't complain much. 

311 New Upper Changi Road
#B1-40 Singapore 467360
Opening hours: Daily: 11:00am – 10:00pm (Last order: 9:30pm)



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