Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Our 3rd Valentine's Day together. <3 

I think although V day is very commercialised these days, it is still very sweet and nice to show your appreciation to not just your better half but to your friends and family members! ^^ 

Then again, by celebration I don't meant spending big bucks. I think to us, it is not how we celebrate the event, more importantly it is who we celebrate it with. :') 

Thank you for sending us this gorgeous cake. ^^ 

cakesonline specialises in customising cakes. Check them out if you're thinking of getting a unique cake for your love one! :) 

We also had an ice cream cake, courtesy of Swensens. 

Perfect treat on a hot hot day! 

V day #ootd. 

V day dinner at the comfort of home. ^^

Check out my dayre for more on what I cooked! :)

Didn't tell him that I baked and cooked dinner for the 2 of us. ^^

Sometimes, I think we really behave like some old couples? Hahaha! 

We never like to head out to anywhere crowded, grocery shopping is our favourite activity and the supermarket is our favourite place in the entire shopping mall! Heh. :D 

ps: you can check out the cake recipes from my 'recipe' page. :) 

We drove to 2 Cedele outlets before finally gotten this last slice of matcha chocolate cake, $7.50! 

This is their CNY special, which is the reason why Mr Tan was so determined to 'hunt' the cake down for me. Thank you, b. :')

Our simple but heart-warming celebration together. :') 


ps: I know I haven't been very active here, so if you're still dropping by constantly, thank you. :)