Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, Singapore's 1st Hello Kitty Café @ Changi Airport T3

Not a big fan of Hello Kitty, but I was still excited to visit the cafe. Ultimately, it's something to be excited right?Hello Kitty Cafe in Singapore! Hahaha!

I think our local food scene is definitely getting more and more interesting with many renown food & beverages coming onshore. Good news for foodies out there! ^^ 

Anyway, I have been to 2 Hello Kitty Cafes so far (Korean and Bangkok). I'll say this is by far my favourite.
Not because I was invited here! But because I think it's not too hello kitty-ish?

Sorry, I'm not a big fan of this kitty here.:P

I like how they deliberately set up a corner for diners to take photos at. So thoughtful! 

Into the theme of Orchid Garden. :)

Look at the chair that I was seated on!


I got a little too excited that night. :P

For more visual of the interior, look up my Dayre! 

Cute latte art on coffee, $5.90 per cup.

Honestly, I'll order for the cuteness and how photogenic they are!

If you don't like coffee, try the Kitty Coolers, $7.90 per glass. 
I prefer these drinks, so refreshing! 

Cute salad to start: Over the rainbow salad, $15.90.

The portobello mushroom was very good!
ps: how many hello kitty did you see? ^^

A cute side: Hola nachos, $15.90.

My advice is to eat it while it's still warn! 

A cute wrap: Enchanted forest, $17.90.

This was my favourite!
You can find prawns, avocado, cucumber, caramelised onions, melted cheese and wasabi mayonnaise! Everything worked so well together 

A cute breakfast: Big breakfast surprise. $18.50.

2 different types of waffles, smoked duck, scrambled eggs and garden salad.
Hmm.. Let's just say we aren't really expecting much from the food in a themed cafe right?

A cute rice: cowabunga! Wagyu! $24.
The most expensive item on the menu.

Was quite disappointed. The beef was quite tough. But I guess the flavourful rendang sauce saved the dish slightly. 

While the savoury items fall short from my expectation, the desserts at here were pretty good!

My favourite of all was thiHide&seek, $16.90.

The pandan panna cotta was so yummy~

Yes, it's panna cotta. Not your panna cotta wannabe pudding. 

The cat in paradise, $18.50.

The mango mousse was good! Hazelnut gelato was a bit too icy though. 

We tried the gelato and froyo too! I'll say go for the pistachio gelato! One of the best I've tried! :D

That concluded our very cute encounter with Hello Kitty. Hahaha!
Like I've said, go there during non peak hours (weekdays) and go with zero expectation. You're enjoy more. ^^

Arrival Hall Central #01-22 Terminal 3 
Singapore Changi Airport
Opening Hours: 24 hours daily


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