Thursday, April 12, 2018

Baby J's Full Month Celebration + Guide to planning a full month celebration

Happy full month to my baby! ^^

I actually contemplated between having a full month or a 100 days celebration. Of course the latter would be more ideal since I've more time on hand to plan, baby would be more interactive and mummy would have more time to slim down. Haha! 

But our parents prefer the traditional full month celebration, so let's respect them for that. ^^ 

So this post, besides sharing on baby J's full month celebration, I'll be sharing some tips on how to plan one too! ^^

Alright, let's get started!
So what's the first thing that we have to do when planning a full month / 100 days party?

1. Pick a date and time 

Common sense isn't it? But of course you can't decide on the date until the baby is born. So I remembered after I delivered baby J, the next day I told our parents that her full month celebration will be on xx day. Get their consent first! :) 

We chose weekend of course. Next would be the timing. Timing could be quite tricky. It depends on majority of your guests' schedule as well as the venue itself, as some places do have fixed timing to host the event. Hubby and I were certain that we wanted it to be earlier in the day, like a lunch celebration. So that baby J is still rather awake and won't disrupt her bedtime too. 

2. Guest list

It's true that as you're planning the celebration, it's going to feel like you are planning for another wedding banquet! Haha! 

So the guest list will depend on how big do you want the celebration to be? We thought that managing the baby would already be a challenge, so we decided to just keep to a small scale one. Mainly our family members and relatives were invited. 

I think it is a good idea to keep full month celebration small, since you don't have the luxury of time to plan a large scale one. Bear in mind, the larger the event, the more logistics and planning is involved! You definitely won't want to have unhappy guests on that day. So save the large scale event for 100 days celebration! ^^

3. Venue

Now that we have a rough estimate of the number of guests, we started looking for suitable venues. Of course it would be ideal if we can host it at our own place. So much more convenient as well when comes to diaper changing, napping and feeding! Yes, everything planned to meet baby's needs! But our nest is not going to be able to accommodate our ~70 guests! 

If you plan to save venue budget, Condominium function room is a good idea! We do have relatives that could help us with that, however it isn't near our place and we are not keen to travel far. 

So I simply Googled "venues for baby full month celebration", you can do that too! Quite a number of options came up and in the end I chose a function room at Safra.  From experience, before you confirm on the venue, do consider your nursing options! Are there nursing rooms available? Where will your baby be napping at? Check out this website, it gives you a detailed guide to the nursing rooms around Singapore! Definitely a great help when you bring baby out. :)

4. Decide on a theme

Well, this is completely optional. If you have the budget, why not? With a theme, it definitely beautifies the venue and makes great photos for memory sake! :) 

For me, I knew all along that I wanted a customized dessert table for baby J. So even before I delivered my baby, I was already looking around for potential vendors and also gathering ideas for the theme as well! Do note that if you were to choose your venue to be at a cafe or restaurant, they might be able to do the dessert table for you, otherwise you would have to source for yourself. :)  

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" 

Yes, the theme to baby J's full month celebration! We engaged @oneandonlygallery to help us with the dessert table and certainly we were more than happy with the result! I simply told the team the theme that I've in mind, the colour combination that I'm looking for (pink & gold) and ta dah~ They did the magic for me! <3 

It makes a great backdrop for photo taking as well! 

A closer look at the dessert table! 

How gorgeous! <3


I love how everything is being customized for baby J! 


Look at her name on the pastries! 

We also had a customized 2-tier cake from White Spatula

The cake fits the theme so well!  

Therefore, if you have the budget, dessert table is definitely a good idea! My guests were so impressed! The little ones of course couldn't take their eyes off the sweets too! Haha! 

5. Food 

Yes, I take pride in my food! Because a well fed guest is a happy guest. ^^ 

Again, if you were to host your event at a cafe / restaurant, most likely the food would be settled by them. But mine is at a function room, so we got to settle the catering by ourselves. It's not hard to decide on one actually. We chose Neo Garden Catering! ^^

We had catered with Neo Garden on numerous occasions, so we are confident with the taste of the food. The curry chicken is like a must order!

Anyway, we also got to know that Neo Garden now has 3 awesome deals for you to celebrate your baby's special day with them! 

1. Neo Bao Bao
Simply code <NBB15> to get 15% off buffet catering for your baby’s full month or 100 days celebrations!

2. Baby Celebration Package
- $88 Combo: 30 x Blissful Red Eggs, 30 x Ang Ku Kueh, 50 x Assorted Mini Cakes
- $200 Combo: 30 x Blissful Red Eggs, 30 x Ang Ku Kueh, 50 x Assorted Mini Cakes, Baby Boy/Girl Themed Buffet Setup
- $150 per Baby Boy/Girl Themed Buffet Setup

3. Neo Garden Baby
If you celebrate baby full month / 100 days with Neo Garden, you get to enjoy 20% for baby’s birthday celebrations from 1 to 6 years old!

For terms and conditions of these 3 deals, check back to Neo Garden's website. :)

We had the $200 celebration combo package!

There are 12 themes to choose from for the decoration! 

Also, it comes with 30 x Blissful Red Eggs and 30 x Ang Ku Kueh.

As well as 50 x Assorted Mini Cakes!

Hence, we decided to do away with the traditional red eggs and ang ku kueh as door gifts. Since they are already in the buffet spread right? ^^

Ps: The ang ku kuehs were so well received! 

A closer look at the spread that we had. 

Yes, the curry chicken was being missed out by my camera but my stomach definitely didn't! :D

6. Photographer

Again, this is entirely optional and depending on your budget. 
I wanted baby J to be able to look back at all the photos when she is older, so we decided to engage a photographer, Little Love Tree, to help us capture all the beautiful moments. :')

My curious baby couldn't stop looking around after she woke up from her nap! Haha! 

Aiyo! I miss her being this smaaaaaaaallllll!

Be healthy always, my little angel. <3

Jennifer from Little Love Tree went round to capture our guests and also our little family. :')

We are very thankful for all the precious photos that were taken for us to keepsake and for baby J to look back when she is older. :') 

All in all, we had a cozy celebration with our loved ones and we were so touched by the love that were showered on our baby. <3 

Yup! So hopefully these simple guide would be able to help you in your planning! 

One last thing before I sign off, don't forget to bring your diaper bag along! ^^



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