YAY! the horrible CA is over! whoohoo! Came out of the exam hall feeling EXTREMELY HAPPY! It’s like i’m done with the module already! HAHAHA!
Hidaya and I wore the same NUS Sci tee today =.= SUPER SCARY! Its like I never wear, she also never wear, all of a sudden I wear SHE ALSO WEAR! OMG! The-owner-and-pet-connection~ LOL!
My all time favourite! hoho! I ATE THIS FOR ONE WHOLE WEEK BEFORE! <3 Lirong is going bald~
Quite pathetic, my noodle only have egg, bake bean and tomato=( BECOX MY FRIDGE IS EMPTY! D:
But still nice! Yay!
When to school for only an hr plus but spent close to 3 hrs travelling! SAD LIFE!
NO DINNER TONIGHT! Mummy da-bao home for everyone except me! LIRONG IS BEING OUT CASTED! T.T
Fridge is EMPTY, Kou Fu is 17 floors below and 50m away… BUT Luckily I got mochi! ;) I think i got sugar rush! LOL!
Tml i’m going to be a Heroine tml! I’M GOING TO DONATE BLOOD! yes! I HOPE MY HEMOGLOBIN LEVEL CAN PASS! haha!
Tml I’m going to jurong point for dinner! quite far ar.. T.T
Tml is the start of V day sale! JIAYOU!
More reason to love CNY=)
OK, Lab report is calling for me=((((((