Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Review: Steigen Automatic Laundry System

Earlier on this year, our HDB manual pulley laundry system give way. Hence, we took this opportunity to upgrade it for an Automated one with Steigen! 
I know many of you would be curious why we decided to change our entire HDB manual laundry system for Steigen automatic laundry system.

I'm not sure about you, but I always find it very troublesome to operate the manual laundry system. More so when I have to hang a full load of clothings, it does take a lot of effort to pull up the laundry racks. 

So when we found out that I'm expecting again, one of the main concern would be the laundry that I have to do. It certainly hurts my back to have to deal with the manual pulley system. My husband went on to research on Automatic Laundry System and that is how we discovered Steigen!

We then went on to arrange an appointment with Steigen for the installation. 

It involved the removal of our existing manual laundry rack first before they could install the automated one. I was expecting the whole process to take an hour at least. But I was pretty amazed by how quick they were! We have everything done up in about 45 minutes! Nope, my place wasn't dusty after that as well. 

There are a few models of automatic laundry system on Steigen's website. Ours is the gorgeous Solar Ultra! 

What Jaylene is holding on is the remote that I use to control the automated system. All I have to do is press a button to control the system! Super convenient and almost effortless for me to do our laundry now! Much needed for the pregnant me, especially now that I'm in my third trimester! 

The system also has Wi-Fi pairing! It allows me to manage my laundry anywhere using Steigen Connect app. 

If you think the automatic laundry system looks small, you're wrong. 

The poles are actually retractable. Hence, I can lengthen or shorten the poles according to my needs. In fact, when lengthened, the laundry system can take 3 full loads for drying and is capable of withstanding 45kg of load! That is because it is made of strong aluminium to within heavy weight. All in all, I love this space saving function! 

One really good thing about our Solar Ultra is that it has a solar drying function! 

I don't have to worry about rainy days anymore! The combination of powerful air circulators and heat is well distributed around the clothes. 

Also, the system comes with a built-in powerful LED light. It is all that we need when we require the extra light at night for vision.  No extra lighting point needed as it is bright enough. 

Worry about high electric bill? Not to worry, all Steigen models can save up to 9x energy consumption than a dryer. That works up to about $0.16 per hour of usage! Hence, it is more cost effective. 

With a young toddler and a newborn coming, I love that the system has a built-in ionic cleanse and dust mite repeller too! 

The ioniser helps to neutralise surrounding air particles to prevent musty odours and airborne allergens like pollen, bacteria, dust mites as well as other invisible odour causing particles. With the clothings being so close to my children's skin, it does makes me feel better to know that their delicate skin would be well protected!

For more benefits and functions of Steigen automatic laundry system, click here!

Good to know that Steigen is offering an attractive trade in programme! 

If you have a HDB manual pulley system like we used to, you can opt for a normal trade in of $20 off. For existing automated system, it's $50 off! There is a x2 bonus till 26 Jan 2020! 

Additionally, do remember to opt for SteigenCare+ after purchasing your system! A normal warranty covers 5 years for motor and 2 years for all other parts. With SteigenCare+, you can extend your warranty up to 10 years and up to $300 service credit will be granted for repairs beyond 10 years period.

I cannot be more pleased with our Steigen! Can't imagine myself battling with a manual laundry system while carrying a huge belly! 

If you like to find out more about Steigen, go to their website or contact them at 8877 0005. 

Steigen Showroom
140 Paya Lebar Road
#08-26 AZ@Paya Lebar
Singapore 409015

Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Sat & Sun: 12.00pm - 6:00pm
Closed on public holidays


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