Sunday, February 14, 2010


I’m very excited about my blood donation on Friday! I MUST SHARE! IT’S MY LUCKY LUCKY DAY! HOHOHO!
YES THE DRESS UP DAY! Seriously I feel like killing myself that day! LOL! Cox I’m quite regretful to suggest everyone to dress up on Friday ( ya my stupid idea!) SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE! No more next time! grrrr!
Didn’t plan to donate blood AT ALL that day, cox Chee How say it’s unlikely that my Iron level will increase in 2 days. But decided to try my luck again. Thus, I was the last donor that day. HAHA. The funny story!
1. I met the most JOKER doctor
2. He was DAMN sarcastic can?! He  Knew I came 2 days ago, and said: DO YOU EVEN THINK YOU ARE ABLE TO PASS THE TEST THIS TIME AROUND? (sarcastic tone) I don’t want to waste your time, go and have your hemoglobin level tested first then come back to me. ( box him!)
3. OUCH! this stage is the MOST painful one:((( BUT! worth it totally! Hb level passed by 0.1! LOL! Yay! That doctor was looking at me when I was doing the test, sorry to disappoint him =P
4. Stupid doctor keep insisting I’m damn lucky! YES I totally agree! muhaha! WHAT CAN YOU DO?! lol!
5. He insist to check my weight AND sorry to disappoint him again, I’M ON DOT :)   His reaction: hmm, wa just nice! TODAY IS REALLY YOUR LUCKY DAY.’
HAHA! then He started going round and round about his feeling about V-day while checking other info…  SOOOOOO SOCIABLE
6. FINALLY my turn to donate blood! OMG! adrenaline rush! I wasn’t even prepared to donate! :XxX
7. the nurse took my pulse AGAIN! She said I looked too pale and skinny.
I cleared 3 stages just to donate blood! I’M HAPPY! Even happier to lose a kg! YES 1KG IS A BIG DEAL!nah~ don’t tell me the weighing scale is not working! HAHA! one more reason to EAT EAT EAT EAT EAT! hoho!
Oh ya, that doctor was FLOWING around me when I was donating blood, I THINK HE IS WAITING FOR ME TO FAINT! sorry I disappoint him again ;) Lirong is strong!
So glad there were juyin and hidaya with me! <3
Because of blood donation I totally didn’t do any of my duty slots! =X haha!
Went orchard to sell rocher~ OMG! It’s really an eye-opening experience! Becox you can really meet and see a lot of funny people and hear a lot of funny replies! LOL! THANKS ALL THOSE THAT BOUGHT FLOWERS FROM US :)
Reached home at 2am, OMG! I’m deprived of sleep for 3 consecutive days! no! It’s 4 days! plus now! LOL!
HAD A LOTS OF FUN! although I think the celebration in sch wasn’t as lively as Halloween but I had lots of fun with FLAG COMM!
Thanks people for all the V day gifts! LOVE U ALL! <3
After my blood donation~ Cam whore starts! :) )))
OMG! See my pet is MUSCULAR! Not bad can protect the owner ;) HAHAHA! YES AND MY TWINNIE! <3
JUYIN~ <3  and us all dressed up! :D Hidaya so sexy right?! temptation to just pull down her dress! LOl! and the wind was very windy! good day ;)
Hidaya so out of place! LOL! NICE GROUP PHOTO!
At paragon!
Go facebook for the full album! ;)

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