Saturday, February 6, 2010


I’m back! hahahaha! LIFE IS BUSY NOW! GRRRRR!!!
short update on thursday=)
Supposed to meet Juyin and Tingx for lunch, but in the end both couldn’t make it. HAHA! In the end was Hidaya, Puala, Ervin, Hussein, Yong Fatt, QiuJing and Me lunching at NUH! Cox dear ALIEN – HIDAYAwanted chicken rice!
My EE-MIAN=) Its something like BAN MIAN just that i change the noodle to EE MIAN:D Taste is OK, QIU LIAN BAN MIAN IS STILL MY FAVOURITE! HOHOHO~
Didn’t have dinner ytd=( Nobody cooked! AND! WAS TOO LAZY TO GO DA BAO! =X Wanted to mug for 1103 test but spent my time hopping round food blogs instead=X Such an unwise thing to do when you did’nt had your dinner! =((((
Woke up early and when to NTUC when mummy~ <3 spending time with mama! HAHA! Studied a bit for the CA later, honestly no idea how to study, can’t concentrate =(
Mom cooked Mee Pok for lunch:D I added lots of chilli and vinegar~ hoho~ Mom very gan jiong when she knows i’m taking photo, keep asking me not to take the house cox very messy~ LOL! SHE DON’T WANT PPL TO SEE THAT SHE IS NOT DOING HOUSEWORK!=X haha! so cute! Was happily eating until I realised that, SHIT ITS 1215PM! I’M GOING TO BE LATE FOR LAB! Sad right?! 2pm Lab and I have to leave home so early =( NUS WHY ARE YOU SO FAR~
TODAY’S MICRO LAB TOTALLY SCREWED UP! First I dislike microbio lab, sec my TA really CMI! sigh…
After lab was the 1103 test, I was sitting beside 4.8 aka Izhar! SUPPOSE TO BE SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS! But, he is literally writing an essay for each question.. =.=
Then was Sci Fac REUNION DINNER! Hidaya and I actually wanted to leave, BUT! When we saw the buffet, our legs just automatically walked towards Club Room =X HAHAHA! Cam whore session of cox! lol! I will update my photos another day~ HAHA! ANYWAY! IT WAS A BRILLIANT NIGHT!  LOTS OF FUN, LAUGHTER, SCREAM AND CAM WHORE! YAY!
Dad came to pick me up! SO NICE SO NICE SO WEI DA! <3 MY FAMILY!
ps: actually not that long post eh? too lazy to type! HAHA!

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