Was watching 星光 on TV and randomly I started thinking about VERTICAL MARATHON. Lol! Was thinking how hard can it be huh? AND the next moment I was changing and off i go~ YA! I’M CRAZY! =) Just nice my building has 21 floors, so I actually climbed up and down X3 HAHAHAHA! Took me about 20mins to complete, think it’s easier to climb up and down rather than climbing 63 floors at one go..FEELS GOOD! The last time I ran was like a month ago.. haha!
But I feel as if I’m climbing at some haunted place. LOL! Cox my building is kinda of empty? =X After than I WALKED 1.5km around the park to cool down ;) AND AND AND I saw some guys playing basketball! OMG! I ALSO WANNA PLAY! SOOOOOOOOO MISS PE LESSONS =( I MISS SHARON, PEIWEN, YEEJEAN, BEN YEO, YIPENG, SEBAS, JOS AND ALL THE 212! MISS HIDING PEIWEN’S BAG AFTER EVERY PRACTICAL SESSION! MISS ALL THE RUBBISH THAT WE DID! =) HAHA! HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE AT CVD!
sigh.. who said UNI is easy? I MISS MY JC LIFE!
Cam whore a bit after my exercise! HAHA! LOVE MY NEW CAMERA~ <3
Of cox I took more than these 3 pics! HAHA! What girls can do is that they can take DOZEN of photos with the same pose ;) HAHA!
<3 my full length mirror! HOHO! <3 DADDY AND MUMMY FOR THAT! :D
I love all my 3 meals today! LOL!
Have anyone tried this? It’s called Mah Lai Koh i think. ITS SUPER NICE! =)))))))
My dad bought it ytd for my ah ma, BUT it landed in my stomach ;) It feels good to eat this while reading the papers and before you know it…
it’s gone =)
I’m very greedy! Added too many ingredients!  HAHA!
There are:
#2 slices of wholemeal bread
#bake beans
#button mushroom
#chicken franks
Saw this new product from Koka when I was at Cold Storage the other day. THIS IS TOTALLY FOR THE LADIES! haha! RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS! BUY! LOL!
Tasted the noodle first and.. OMG! IT IS SO CHEWY! YESYES! It’s much better than what I expect! SO CHEWY! I LIKE! =) Somehow, I find the photo on the right like some salad dish. LOL!
#Koka wheat noodle
#bake beans
#button mushroom
#sotong balls, fish balls, fish cakes & ngoh hiang
YAY! LOVE IT! haha! anyway there is no seasoning/ flavoring given. Have to add your own! Mine is tomato sauce! NICE!
I did study too =D