brother on the way home now;
mummy coming back tml;
daddy the day after;
Wave goodbye to Biodiversity!!! :D
Actually quite sad :( It’s an interesting module to read but not for exam.
AND I ALMOST ALMOST MISSED MY PH1101E EXAM FOR TML! I thought it’s a 1pm paper when it turn out to be a 9am one. *cold sweat* I cant imagine myself turning up at 1pm tml. Life saved by JUYIN + HIDAYA! :D I thought today would be my time day to wake up at 620am :(
BUT! I must confess that I’M NOT SO BLUR! Diffusion has occurred between Hidaya and I. Tsk..
Pray that the passages are going to be short ans sweet:D
Fried 'sushi' rice with bak kua.
I used the ‘sushi’ rice to fried! HAHA! and have some bak kua in it! :D Can see that sushi rice is rounder than the normal one that u see. haha! and it is stickier too! BAK KUA SIMPLY TASTED LIKE HEAVEN~
Packed fried rice
Coincidently while I was having this ‘sushi fried rice’ the other day, my brother bought home a packet of the ‘normal fried rice’ too! HAHA! See the difference between sushi rice and the normal grain? :D
Speaking of that, brother will be home tonight! that ends my 3D2N of loneliness at home! HAHA! Actually quite shiok to have the whole house to myself! HAHA! I can do whatever I want :) minus the studying part… :(

I’ve decided I need to put more time to study my core than the ‘comprehension-alike’ exam tml! wish me luck.