I feel like sleeping now… D: Very tired. D:
1. Dragged myself to wake up today :( :( It was so cold~ BEST WEATHER TO HIDE IN MY WARM BLANKET!
2. Waited 20mins for my bloody 963. :< Thus, late for meeting :< :< :<
3. Did faculty donation at Statistics and Chemistry Department. Ok, I learned that most of the Profs are very concern about how much their colleagues have donated. LOL! The ‘face’ issue.
4. Shop for SQ’s present at Vivocity.
Super tired with all the walkings :(
Tml gonna be another round of faculty donation then proceed to SOW mode. But, seriously I feel too tired for another camp. DRAINED. Haven’t even find the energy to pack my bag.
Sob. Don’t want to leave home~ Daddy and mummy are very sad D: SO AM I!
Lunch-ed with Flag Comm @ NUH. Guess what is this? :D
The Legendary Dry You Mian! LOL! First time trying, not bad! With the taste of vinegar and chilli! But the more I eat, the salty it gets. :X Ok, I prefer QIU LIAN BAN MIAN'S stir fried Ban Mian version! Hasn't tried/heard of? SHOULD GIVE IT A TRY! Nicer than this! :D AWWW~ I miss QIU LIAN!
Mangosteen! I like! YAY!
Bidding has started. I realised that I can’t take PC1326 and PC1327 together. I will be over dozed with too many level 1000 modules. Guess I have to decide on either one! :/ Think may go for PC1326! Since more people are taking together! :D But, a bit scare of the physic part :X The other module shall either be GEK1542/1537/2501. LSM2203 is shooting HIGH! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Oh yes! Another unhappy thing :<
I don’t want to be OHL why would I want to take up as OGL? Craps! I helped out in the video cox they promised that it’s just ‘ACTING’. On actual, they WILL find another person. BUT! They gave my name to the comm and I’m doing the OGL things now. DAMN SAD…. What now? Lirong is the Flag I/C + OGL? Give me a twin please.
My eyes are shutting….. but my brain is telling me that NO! You still have to do OG cheer list and pack bag! Did I miss out anything? Hmm…
Ok, Bye world! We’ll meet again on Saturday! Please wish me luck that I get GOOD freshies!:D (with many many ECs!!! :X HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!)