School ended early for me today, but I stayed in school together with Hidaya for AGM. Think we are so supportive of Science Club activities? Nah~ Our motive was the BUFFET at the end! LOL! Joking la! Of course to support Huizhen and other fellow friends too! :D But food also very important! :P
Luckily AMG started on time! Super hungry! HAHA! Hidaya and I even planned our ‘escape route’ to the refreshment outside. lol! WE ARE DAMN SMART WENT COME TO EATING! haha!
I realised I seriously love soon kueh a lot! Why didn’t I eat you in the past?
As mentioned the main purpose was to support friends :P
I think I look a bit ghostly in this picture. :X

Mission accomplished~
Glad we went! Cox ‘RA’ was there!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!