Tuesday, January 11, 2011


How can I miss such a good date to blog? haha! :D

1. First day of the new semester! 

Am I too excited or what? I woke up at 430am, couldn't sleep. LOL! Had my first 8am lecture! Yes reached school in time and all awake! :X Didn't quite expect myself to be so wide awake. Hope this gonna continue for the rest of the sem! Hehe! 

GEM2900 was better than expected. Maybe just the beginning, but I totally love Chen Peiyi now! Are all the Stats lecturers so interesting?! HAHA! :D

LSM2102 was totally a waste. Prof is damn boring! T.T But I think I like the module. Haha! I love DNA! Don't you think it's so fascinating to think that 2 cells can just fuse and give rise to what we are?! COOL RIGHT? I KNOW! Life science rox for this! :D OMG DNA YOU ARE SO HOT! I WANT TO KNOW YOU UPSIDE DOWN! LOL!

LSM2101 was better, at least the prof is better! :) I like the module too! Should have gone into food science! Damn! :/ 

A fresh good start? I think so! :D 

2. Bought my Iphone 4~

Alright! Like finally! Hehe! I totally love Iphone4 very much! People go get it, facetime is so fun! Haha! My dad also got himself a iphone4, was playing with him just now. So fun! Hehe! :D But his is 32GB, mine only 16GB. But good enough! Got data plan is like so shiok! WAHAHAHAHA!!!:D

3. Medical Appointment

Doctor say I improved a lot! AWESOME~~~ But not totally good yet. :( She said if I want to enjoy my CNY, I can only take boiled/steamed food now. Like what the heck! :( Must survive 3 weeks of this diet! JIAYOU! :) 

No matter what.. TODAY IS SUCH A GOOD DAY! :) HEHE! :D


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