Monday, January 24, 2011

First impression

It's not the first time that I heard people telling me that I looked very unapproachable from the first look! :< (obviously I'm not! :D) Haha! 

Is my face really that unfriendly? :/ 

I can't help it, my mum just have to give me this really 'cool' face of mine! LOL! 

People don't misunderstand kay, I'm a very nice person! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! :D Just that my facial expression is very 'empty'? Hee.. :D 



I think the relationship between my mum and I is like getting closer and closer! In fact more and more mushy! LOL! (We hold hands while shopping and my mum likes me to sit on her lap and she hugs me. <3 Hahaha!) 

I never thought this day would come. I used to spend too much time on boyfriend/friends that I neglected my family a lot. Seriously a lot. I don't talk to them much and always flashed my 'expression-less' face at them. :X Really bad eh? That was me a few years back. I never learned to cherish them. 

I guess it was after my grandpa's incident that I finally realised that I cannot take the people around me for granted. I don't wanna live in regrets. I'm really glad I put in the effort and took the first step. 

Now, I'm always sticking around my mummy and Sunday is always my family day! Priority to them! :) 

Since last year, I have taken over my mum's job to cook dinner for the family, except Fridays and Sundays (mum doesn't have the time and she doesn't like to cook. LOL!) and I found myself falling in love with this new found hobby! From cooking just simple noodles, I can now cook so many many dishes and soups! :D 

- Pork ribs soup 
- Braised belly
- Bak Ku Teh
- Fish soup

and of cox simple frying of vegetable, meat, egg, seafood and tofu is nothing to me too! MUHAHAHA! 




Just too many dishes! (I actually take a photo of all the different dishes that I've cooked and it's way over 100!) You name it, I cook it! :) Hehe.. I really feel very happy in the kitchen! :) 

In fact, I enjoy the 'headache' that I get everyday to think of what dinner to make for the family. It's a really sweet thing. :) 

Don't doubt me! The food that I cooked is very very edible and in fact yummy kay! LOL! My mum said I cooked better than her now. HAHAHA! :D 

I ought to be given a 'healthier choice' label for the food that I cooked too! Hee.. Unlike my father, pour oil like some water. >.<





(by shokoladnaya)

No talent for baking. T.T


  1. teach me how to cook and i teach you how to bake :) my baking skills quite good just that go uni no time to bake le haha!

  2. HAHA! Really?! We should have baking session!!!! :D