Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Elizabeth! I tried linking you but I can't, some errors! I'm not bias! LOL!

I declare today isn't my day after all!

1. Spent almost the entirely day waiting for a call that didn't really bring me any great news. :/ 

2. I wasn't productive again. Well, not any news. Only did 2 notes today and I doubt it will remain in the brain. Seriously, how did I survive cell bio then? 

3. My whole body started aching RIGHT AFTER I picked up the notes. I wasn't joking. Was very very fine while chatting with parents. As soon as I've decided to start mugging again, the aching comes. See, even my body feels the danger coming from the notes. D: It was that bad that I broke down and probably freaked my parents out, they thought I was too stressed up. So sweet+cute of them~ <3

Not so much of pain now, but fatigue. :< 

Mee Goreng + 1 plain & 1 onion prata

Yea, made my way to Jalan Kayu again. Look like the same thing eh? But ytd's pratas was from Thasevi so today I went further a bit to Thohirah

Judging from the crowds, Thohirah beats Thasevi upside down! LoL! Though, Thasevi is considered the Original Jalan Kayu Prata. :/

Personally, I prefer the pratas from Thohirah! It didn't disappoint me! :) The prata here is bigger, greaser, tastier of course and the curry I think is better too! This has to be one of the best prata I ever had! WORTH THE CALORIES! Haha! 

Whereas, the Mee Goreng wasn't as good as Thasevi! I can never forget that fragrance~ 

Verdict: Get Prata from Thohirah and Mee Goreng from Thasevi. 

Ok, my journey on Jalan Kayu Prata shall stops here! Time to venture into some other places~

At least no more guilts for not trying the pratas from Jalan Kayu, despite staying just a street away. HAHA! :D 

Fruit Platter - Strawberries, red&green apples, oranges and honey pineapples

This is by way the prettiest fruit platter I've made. I think so?

Shall sleep soon and pray that I wake up with an ache-less body~ :)

Can I have a pill or something that can transform me into a mugger? Or at least to who I was in JC days? I miss myself then, I miss the old Lirong, who knew how to prioritise. 

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