Saturday, September 3, 2011

Aspiring bakers

I've been following Aspiring Bakers for quite a well. It's actually a monthly event and serves as a platform for bakers to share their baking recipes etc. Each month there are different themes from different hosting bakers and this month of cox it's MOONCAKE! To suit the festive! Duhh.. HAHA!

So I thought since I'm making mooncakes, why not poke my head in too! heh heh.. Though I'm no professional baker. :X Just for fun bah and the experience! :P

Yups! So I'm submitting this entry to Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011) hosted by Happy Home Baking

2nd try! Pandan snowskin~  (Taken with instagram)
Orange Green Tea Pingpi Mooncakes
receipe: Y3K Pingpi Mooncakes (with modification)

Ingredient for skin:
A: (sieved together)
80g commercial koh fun
30g cooked cornflour
40g icing sugar

30g shortening
30g liquid glucose
1/2 tsp green tea powder (mixed with a little water)125-150ml water

White lotus paste filling:
200g, fresh lotus seeds
200g dried lotus seeds
1/2 tbsp alkaline water
300-400ml water
(I bought ready-made)

Orange white lotus paste filling:
100g white lotus paste filling
2 tbsps orange hot filling (from bakery marts)
Utensil needed:
Mooncake mould

1. For skin: Combine ingredient (A) and ingredient (B) together. Knead into a dough.
2. Cover and rest both dough for one hour or keep chilled overnight.
3. Scale dough at 70g each, shape into rounds and set aside.
4. To shape fillings: Place one piece of white lotus paste and one piece of orange lotus paste on top of each other (2 layers). Repeat process to the end.
5. Flatten each round of no. (1). Wrap in a portion of no. (4). Dust with koh fun, place into mould, press and dislodge imprinted mooncake. Repeat process.

PS: I actually did a lot of modifications and omitted quite a few things like melon seeds and bought ready-made pastes instead. :P 

Taken with instagram

Happy Mooncake Festival! :) 

Aftermath: Kitchen was ruined. Flour was everywhere. I was ruined, cox flour was all over me too! But I enjoy this kind of feeling!  ^^ 

But I should really stop baking and focus on my notes~ 

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