Friday, January 13, 2012

I don't understand

I extremely don't understand kids nowadays seriously.

In the lift this morning with my half opened eyes, anyways not the point, I saw this primary school girl whom I think is P5/6. Her dad was carrying her bag while this girl was demanding her father, like really DEMANDING to help her scratch her back!!! I was like 'hello girl, you have 2 empty hands while your poor dad is carrying your freaking bag! And can't you speak with a more proper tone to your dad? There is a stranger (me) in the lift you know?!' 

I know it's none of my business, but I just feel so pissed looking at that scenario. :/  Seriously kids nowadays are like giving me surprises everyday, in a bad way. I think it's totally the technology and how much parents are pampering their children? I don't think it's a good idea for kids to be playing NON-STOP with ipad/iphone, it's so bad not only for their eyes but also their development. Children at that age should be running around playing physical games! Right? Also, sometimes the words that come out of the their mouths totally scare me! Mature content please! :X Like from a 4~5 years old kid you know! I think when I was 5 I only know my kids' central!

Oh My God right?! Am I having this thing call generation gap now? LOL!

What's gonna happen to my kids then? :/

Kids aside! I still love them! They are so adorable! LOL! Been watching 'Hello Baby!' Since No more Running Man till next week. :( #addictionvery

Anyways, week 1 of school is over! Finally settled my 5 modules! :D 
LSM3124 Hormones and Health: The module that I die die want to take despite it being 8am lecture. :/ Because seniors say it is the lightest lv3000. LOL! But from the 2 lectures this week, I think.. it's not really my type of module. lol! Hopefully it really gonna be light! :X    

LSM 3221 Human Pharmacology: Despite the horrible experience of memorizing 100++ drugs last semester I still brave myself with this. My interest I guess. :D 

LSM 3224 Molecular basis of Human Diseases: This was the module that I wanted to drop at first, but surprisingly it is my favorite module as of now! Interesting topics I guess! :D The moment I saw the lecture notes I was like 'sorry Ervin' :P 

LSM 4243 Tumor Biology: Brave myself to a lv4000. :X Another topic of my interest! :D You probably can guess my interest now? Bingo! Cancer and drugs! My FYP topic too! (Y) 

PC 1322 Understanding the Universe: Having a bit of problem with this module. Didn't quite get the lecturer and I'm quite scare of the term paper. OMG.. Hopefully it is not going to be like XD3103!! 

Quite a heavy semester for me since I'm doing 4 core modules with 1 from lv4000. :X Please don't make this as an suicidal attempt!! *cross-fingers*

By the way being with the studious LSM gang also means Lirong is visiting the library more. lol! First day of school I was brought to the new Medical Library, which I didn't even know existed! Anyways it's damn pretty! The facilities and everything! So glad all the life sciences books were shifted together too! I love the serene environment of library! :D 

I also visited my FYP lab earlier on. It was a 'wow-wow' thing again, like all the techniques, machines and things. Can't believe I'm actually going to be doing a research and having my name published in a research journal, if I do well of course. Haha! Cheryl probably gonna do under Prof GS too! Good good, here comes my FYP buddy! :D At least I won't have to chit-chat with cancerous cells right? LOL! 

3 more weeks to my first CA! *insert curse* HAHA! :P 

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