Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Red Star Restaurant

Taken with instagram

Dim sum dim sum at this really old school restaurant!:)\

Dim sum!:) (Taken with instagram)

Have to remind myself that it's not a buffet! :/ 


Yums!:D (Taken with instagram)

Fluffy egg tarts. :)

Taken with instagram

Crispy Char Siew Sou! <3

Taken with instagram

This congee is good too!:D

xlb!  (Taken with instagram)


Taken with instagram

Siew mai.

Char Siew Pau~ (Taken with instagram)

Char Siew Pau.

Ok, really selectively took some only. Haha! I think we ordered 20 odds for the 5 of us? And the price came out to be ~$17 each. Seriously for this price I rather head to dim sum buffet! Not even full after which! It's just me I know.

Brought the craving for dim sum up now and I can't wait to eat dim sum EVERY MEAL in Hong Kong! :D :D :D 

So met brother next in town to settle the internet thingy and we saw this lunch promotion in one of  the cafe in Paragon, buy-1-free-1 meal! 

Let today be a sinful day bah~ #foreverhungry (Taken with instagram)

Crispy chicken set.

Let the day be a sinful one then. :P

On a side note, we finally managed to get internet at home now. BUT! It's damn slow! Even slower than my iphone's data bundle! I know right?! Oh well, just have to live with it till my fiber network is up. :'(

Sigh.. I'm like telling my parents, we can move back to HDB or Condo but please don't move anywhere landed anymore! Super tired with all these cables here there thing. Aiks..

Dinner!:D (Taken with instagram)

Oven-baked some chicken wings.

Yesterday my brother hosted a BBQ session with some of our common friends. Damn shiok to come home from school with the smell of BBQ food! :D Initially I thought I bought too much food for just the 6 of us, but it turned out that everyone were big eaters! I was like GREAT! No leftovers! :D Ok there were, which became part of our dinner tonight! :) 

My cousins were like asking when can they come over for BBQ too. :P

So far the new house is good and my stupid brother keep tempting me to go down the basement to play with him!! Irritating max! But the entertainment room really like a shiok! 


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