Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sun, 27/05

Mummy the chef tonight. :D I can finally rest! Lol!  (Taken with instagram)

Sunday is my off-day from the kitchen, either mum or dad would take over. We had an early dinner at home before heading out for some light shopping. 

Cute little Jayan! :D (Taken with instagram)Priceless expression! Awww~  (Taken with instagram)

Since we were near Baby Jayan's place, mummy suggested to pop by.
Laughed so much throughout the night because of Jayan's cuteness!! WANT TO KIDNAP HIM HOME!

Super love sweet and sour combo!:D  (Taken with instagram)Lunch time! (Y) #food #sgfood  (Taken with instagram)

Have been driving down to mummy's canteen for lunch during my non-lab days. I'm a lover of chap chye peng! :P My staple is always anything sour&sour. :D 

Mon, 28/05

Went back to lab after a good 4 days break, super reluctant actually! :/ 

It was also the result day for all NUS students and I bet all you stalkers are interested with my results right?! Because I have an extraordinary high traffic yesterday. 

Says my result, I'm officially going into year4. 

 I wasn't excited or nervous about getting results this time round. 
/peaceful gary face
Didn't silent my phone too but the 'morning-call' didn't manage to wake me up though. :P

Eh, my results are pretty good I guess? The CAP went up though I always thought it's going to drop. :/


I wasn't happy. 

Good results no longer bring me that kind of happiness it used to, I think I'm exhausted. :/ I'm now looking at other things in life. Yups. Right now, I just want to get over with my honour year and move on to better things in life, than mugging. :) 

My mum is now immune of my little pranks.

Tues, 29/05

I can have you anytime, anywhere. 👍 (Taken with instagram)

Mummy bought Jollibean home tonight! <3 <3 <3 Gobbled all of them down despite just dinner-ed.

Exotic fruit. So juicy! :D  (Taken with instagram)

Exotic fruit that mummy bought too. Tasted sweet with a little hint of sourness, thus mummy knew I would like it! Bingo! :D 

Funny Conversation:

Me: Waaaa! Mummy you bought JOLIBEAN?!!!!!! WO AI NI MUMMY! <3
Mummy: ^^
Me: Waaaaaaaaa! Mummy what is this fruit??! So juicy~ HAO CHI! Mummy best! :D
Mummy: ^^
Daddy: What about me? :(
Me: Lalalala, mummy best cox she buys me food! :P
Mummy: -.-


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