Sunday, June 24, 2012

Steamboat again

See u on fri!:D (Taken with Instagram)

Brother just left home with the folks. 

Anyways, I used to boss my brother around the house. Oops. :X But this time round, I'm totally a brother slave to him! I'm too patriotic. 

Steamboat tonight.. Again. :P (Taken with Instagram)

We couldn't decide what to have dinner tonight, so we had steamboat again, the simplest thing we can think of. :P

Oh, and this is my 5th steamboat for the month of June. 

#sgfood #steamboat #food  (Taken with Instagram)


Nom nom nom!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

We finished 2 packets of seaweed chicken and beancurd-skin chicken in one night. 
At first I only grilled half from each packets but we felt like not enough, so in the end all went into our stomachs. 
Anyways, this weekend is probably the suay-est weekend I have ever had. Mad depressed. :( :( :( When I'm sad or stress I would cry, so I did today. :/ I was both crying and laughing actually, laughing at myself for crying, that kinda freaked my mum out.
Sigh.. Sometimes I just wish I have a shoulder to lean on and someone to tell me that everything gonna be fine. Oh wells. Let's hope my luck can love me again. :)

Attachment starts tml, not looking forward. 

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