Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random thought

Hey people! :D
Hasn't been diligently blogging like usual because of my attachment. Yes, it's really quite energy draining. I probably will blog more about it over the weekend, hopefully I find the energy to do so. :/ 

Braised mee tonight.:D (Taken with Instagram)

Leaving you with a braised mee that I made for dinner tonight. 
Actually I think the secret to making a good braised noodles is the soy sauce used. Seriously I added nothing to my noodles except soy sauce and it tasted supreme. 

-Random thought-
Majority of the cousins are shifting or have shifted together into Villa Serenity, I thought it would be nice if my family could shift in too. :( 

There are 4 units with a common swimming pool. Wouldn't it be so nice to have all of us living together under one roof (almost)? It gonna be so fun!

But of course, as mentioned, I was just saying. 
A single unit there is easily doubled the price of my place now. DAYLIGHT ROBBERY OR WHAT?! 

So I'm consoling myself that at least my family is safe and far away from the complicated people. We have to give and take right? 

PS: I think my entire SUN family is such a nomad! Most of them shifted houses no less than mine (5 for me) or even more! Call us the shifting experts. :P

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