Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From boy to man

Going to send the bro. #ootd  (Taken with instagram)

Had to wake up at 6am today because the brother is enlisting and the whole family gonna send him in together. :) 

Otw to tekong!  (Taken with instagram)

On the ferry towards Pulau Tekong 

We had a tour around the place and honestly, Tekong is more 'presentable' than my imagination. LOL! 

Army #food  (Taken with instagram)

Had a taste of the canteen food there too. Seriously, it is not that bad. But to have them for every meals, it probably will. :/ 

Enlist lo~  (Taken with instagram)

Finally, goodbye. 

My eyes became watery when brother waved goodbye to us. :'( 

Anyways, we were briefed slightly on the activities that the NS man would be going through and I couldn't be more proud of our soldiers. I know I'm a patriot. LOL.

Confession time: Guys in uniform are so attractive! hahahaha! #bimbomoment
That uniform immediately adds point to them. :P I was telling mummy I wanna marry a sergeant.

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