Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jumbo Jpot Steamboat

Met up with Gan tie, Paula, Juyin for dinner after lab. 

Dinner!:) (Taken with instagram)

We had Jpot, a treat by gan tie! :D 

Jumbo jpot #steamboat #food  (Taken with instagram)

As the name suggest, it is a steamboat style dinner, not buffet though.
 Everyone gets to have a mini steamboat and you can order side dishes to cook with. I had the tom yum one. Not bad, but I would prefer gan tie's laksa base. 

#seafood platter. #food  (Taken with instagram)

We had a seafood platter

#food #pork (Taken with instagram)

Kurobuta Pork

Also some others which I didn't bother posting, otherwise I'll be flooding my followers in instagram again. HAHAHA! 

Head to Lucky Dessert which is run my one of Paula's friends! So cool right?! 

Lucky #dessert #food #mango #durian  (Taken with instagram)

Our orders, remained us of Honeymoon Dessert we had in Hongkong. :)

#durian #dessert  (Taken with instagram)

Love this the best! Durian Glutinous rice roll! :D

The girls. :D

Sugar daddy! :P


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