Friday, June 22, 2012


Today is a Lirong-is-a-wondergirl-day


Getting ready for steamboat tml!:)  (Taken with Instagram)

Morning went to NEX NTUC to get food for steamboat tml. 
Damage: $160
Felt so lucky to have a car if not I'll die carrying these home. 

Had a quick lunch before starting my weekly affair of being a Cinderella. 
That took like 2 hours, then showered and head out to pick the brother! :D 

But that stupid boy lost his voice. Felt like I was talking to a frog. 
Oh, and he is super tanned now! 

He misses his bubble tea the most. -.-  (Taken with Instagram)

He went out to get this the moment he got home. 

Anyways, the brother has really become fitter. He lost a bit of weight too. 

Being a brother slave, I tried to prepare a good dinner for him. 

Rice dumplings + herbal duck soup + spicy tofu + fried rice to welcome @coolze_sun home tonight! ^^ #brotherslave  (Taken with Instagram)

Rice dumplings, which I mastered last year! 

Yummy rice dumplings! :D  (Taken with Instagram)

He ate one only, because of his bad throat. 

Fried rice.:)  (Taken with Instagram)

So I fried a plate of rice for him. Which he didn't finish also, because of his sore throat.

First attempt on herbal duck soup!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

My first attempt on herbal duck soup. Which he didn't eat much also, blame his throat.

Lastly my sweet&spicy tofu!  (Taken with Instagram)

Spicy tofu. Which he can't eat also obviously because of his THROAT. 
Conclusion: Waste my effort to the max! 

But I'm very bad also, I can't stop laughing whenever he attempts to speak. :P
Anyways, good to have him back and he is totally like a boss tonight! Because I gave in to him. Haha! 

Ok, I'll going to try to control my laughter while the brother tries to tell me his stories in army. 


  1. Your zhong look fantastic, Lirong! I really need to master mine so they look beautiful like your's...currently, they are quite atrocious..haha.

  2. Thanks dear!:) Your dumplings looks cute too! Mostly importantly is the taste! haha! Have fun in the kitchen! :)