Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gambits :)

Had a really awesome week so far, especially these two days. :D 

Anyways, I'm having body-aches all over now because yesterday morning I went for Pilates lesson at California Fitness. I think it's better than the Zumba fitness that I went the other day, definitely recommend this for girls who want to tone up their bodies! :) 

#healthy #lunch #pumpkin #soup #bread  (Taken with Instagram)

Roasted pumpkin Soup.

Healthy lunch after the lesson at The Soup Spoon, my usual order. :P

Went back home to nua a bit before meeting GAMBIT for dinner. 

Dinner!:) (Taken with Instagram)

Delicious cafe @ Scotts Square, a very 'twitter'-themed cafe. 

Spicy seafood linguine

Spicy seafood pasta! :)  (Taken with Instagram)

I think I was very hungry then, so the food tasted especially nice to me. :P

Sigh.. my pet fell into a pool of mud.

Jan-Jun Babies.

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Chocolate Cheesecake

#chocolate #icecream #cake #sweet #dessert #sgfood #food #cake  (Taken with Instagram)

Brownie ice-cream Cake, highly recommended!

Yummy!:D (Taken with Instagram)

Sinful but super shiok devil! 

Thanks the 2 girls for organizing and surprising us with the presents because I love mine! :D

The girls. <3


#icecream #hazelnut #chocolate #mint #dessert #food #sgfood  (Taken with Instagram)

Gelato @ Gelatissimo (Shaw House)

So yummy that I ate too much and ended having a very bad bad stomach! :( Not that kind that I need to rush for the restroom but I could feel that my whole gut was freezing. My stomach can't handle coldness.
It was so bad that I could barely hold myself up straight. :( 
I actually ended up vomiting out the gelato and felt so much better then. Sigh.. why why why! Why the stomach so weak with ice?

Anyways, was so glad I finally felt better after vomiting out everything, luckily it didn't ruin my night! I was actually supposed to wake up at 730am today for a seminar, but chose to sleep in since I wasn't feeling well and I slept only at 5am.
Ended up waking real late +  a really bad body aches. :/  

Taken with Instagram


Late lunch!:D (Taken with Instagram)

Yummilicious lunch at 3pm! :D

Butter prawn pancake!:) (Taken with Instagram)

Buttery-garlic Prawn Pancakes

This is a must try seriously! :D

Tiramisu pancake!:)  (Taken with Instagram)

Tiramisu Pancakes 

Won't recommend this, it was quite bad actually. :/ I kinda think the person forgot to add things in between the pancakes (like what was being described on the menu), so the whole thing was really really dry, had a really hard time swallowing in fact. :/ 

Went to shop for my wallet after the meal, but.. yet a fruitless trip again. :( 

Anyways brother will be back tml! :D 

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