Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Instagram crazy

I woke up to a surprise this morning. 

If you were to follow me on Instagram, you would realise how a hardcore-instagramer I am. :P I post almost everything, on food and literally every other things in my life. Hahaha! Must be quite annoying to my followers. :P 
Forgive me, amen. 

But it's also on Instagram where I make a lot of new friends, cyber-friends I would say who shares similar passion on cooking, eating and etc. So follow me on Instagram for instant updates, oh and twitter too! :P 


Anyways, this morning I spammed my Instagram again, not new, I was at MOE for another course. 

I just had breakfast but I cnt resist having more. :D #food (Taken with Instagram)

Breakfast before the session, the only thing that lighted up my early-morning-sian-face. 

#vegetarian #beehoon  (Taken with Instagram)

Had breakfast earlier at home, but can't resist more. ^^

Cream puffs! I died happy. :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Cream puffs! Only took 2 because of my cough and I'm not suppose to have any more cold/ chilled food. 

Melt in the mouth #japanese #cheesecake  (Taken with Instagram)

But I had lots of these because it's not exactly cold. 

Shui kueh! #eattoomuch (Taken with Instagram)

I love chwee kueh very very much! :D /goes crazy

Other food includes, siew mai, spring rolls and teriyaki chicken. 

I will die as a happy and contented ghost. ^^

But, I could barely survive the course later. :/ I was basically dozing off. Lol! Can't blame on me right? The morning, the happy stomach and the environment.. 
Oops. :X 

Ok, these are hard evidence of why my coughing can never stop. 

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