Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rojak post

I miss the kids. 

Look at the girl infront of me! So adorable! Anyways, they are the P1s. Every time I sees them I'll go 'Awwww~ Why are so cute?!' 

Ok, from the heights you can roughly guess they are the upper primary, P5 if I'm not wrong. 
Aiyo, can I go back to school and teach? D: 

Burning midnight oil tonight for the articles that I shld have finished months ago. Sigh.. #woesofastudent  (Taken with Instagram)

Sigh.. I'm going back to lab next week so I'm trying all my very best to finish all the research articles.

I know I ended my attachment last week, but I wanna give myself a week break before heading back to hell. :P

Green tea + Tau Sa Piah that mom bought for me. ^^ #tea  (Taken with Instagram)I enjoy eating them layer by layer. :D #breakfast  (Taken with Instagram)

Very relax days for me indeed. 

#ilovebread 😁 (Taken with Instagram)Because I can have sugar and chocolate all at one go #whybreakfastisthebest  (Taken with Instagram)
Morning!:D fav chocolate cream bread before I go and visit the doc. :( #breakfast  (Taken with Instagram)Why My throat can never recover. :/  (Taken with Instagram)

Just eat and eat and eat. :P

More medicine for me. :(  (Taken with Instagram)

Went to see TCM too. 
Le sigh..

Dinner dishes ahead! :P

Lou Syu Fan for #dinner tonight. :D  (Taken with Instagram)

Braised Lau Shu Fan

Happy enough for simplest food. :) #food  (Taken with Instagram)

Spicy baked beans with tofu and crab sticks

Stir fried pork belly with onion. #happyfood  (Taken with Instagram)

Stir-fried pork belly with onions

Time to do something to do cough! #healthyfood (Taken with Instagram)

Finally eating something good for my cough, pumpkin congee!<3

Hey Mom! I&#8217;m eating gold! :P  (Taken with Instagram)

Hello, I'm eating gold. :D

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