Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Everything with Fries, EwF

Went to EwF with the labmates in celebration of Qian Wen's birthday after we are done with lab. You have no idea how much we were looking forward to it! It's like 'YAHOO we are going somewhere outside lab again'. Fantastic feeling it is!:) 

We reserved a table and luckily we did because it was full house. 

Cheese Burger with curry shoestring fries ($11.90)

Didn't really like the burger, I felt that the patty was a little too dry. 

Char-grilled Char Siew with curry straight cut fries ($15.90)

This was not bad, the char siew was pretty well done. 

Battered Fish Sandwich with sour cream & onion shoestring fries ($13.90)

Love the battered fish. The flesh could literally melt in the mouth. 

Lamb Burger with curry straight cut fries ($11.90)

I don't really like lamb for its smell, only took a bite and I can't take it. But my friends loved it. So I guess it's a pretty good choice for lamb-lovers out there. 

Wild NZ King Salmon with garlic & herbs shoestring fries ($18.90)

This is the signature I guess and it was good. I love salmon! 

Hot Banana Butterscotch Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.90)

I don't like banana and in my opinion it was too sweet. 

Nutella Tart ($6.90)

I was dying to try this because everyone were like saying how good this is!! But I guess it was only okay for me. I felt that the tart was too sweet and too rich. Could be that I finished 2 tarts at one go. :/ I had wanted to try to Mille Crepe but they went out of stock. :( Seriously I can be named as human rubbish bin. I collect everyone's leftover food. LOL! 

The super fit birthday girl! 

Verdict: I probably will come back again for the food, they were not bad seriously and really pocket-friendly! I guess this is also the reason why they were full house. But also because of that, I guess they really need to hire more waiters/waitresses. We waited for quite long before our food were served. Nonetheless, the waiters/waitresses were really friendly. So it was quite a good experience with EwF. :) Oh yes, please order curry straight cut fries. It is the BEST. 

Location: 40 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village 

Opening Hours: Tue - Thu: 12:00 - 23:00

Fri - Sat: 12:00 - 01:00
Sun: 12:00 - 23:00
Tel: 64633741

After a hearty dinner we had wanted to go Teo Heng at NTU Alumni to sing. But oh god. It was such a horrible experience! To cut the long story short, basically the person was so rude and unfriendly! What a waste of our energy climbing all the way up the 'hill' to the building. Oh wells, so we decided to rot outside the kid's playground and take photos. :P

Ending the night with a photo of me trying to destroy the little kiddo's slide. :P 

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