Friday, April 12, 2013

Galaxy camera

'The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a point-and-shoot camera which is an Android based mobile device.' 

In my own words, it a camera with smartphone function!!! Note: there is a slot of SIM card! But that would be kind of a joke to answer your call using a camera right? 

Anyhow, being an IT idiot I totally wasn't aware that such a device existed. In fact I was so surprised that so many people know about galaxy camera when I tweeted about it! #noobisme

So on the same day which I submitted my thesis paper, back home I was randomly thinking about getting a new camera for my upcoming graduation trip. Then magic happens! The next moment, my inbox sounded. Being a very efficiency person, I'll always check my inbox immediately.

Dear Lirong,
I am happy to inform you that you have won yourself a GALAXY Camera from your participation in the GALAXY Camera I WAS THERE contest on Samsung Mobile Singapore Facebook Page.
Thank you for your support. Please let me know when you are available to come to our office (address below) to collect your prize.

Holy crap! I actually have a galaxy camera! SO PRETTAY TOO!!

It was my first win from a contest too! Zomg! I still can't believe my luck! :')

Anyways, I think I'm totally having some high affinity for Samsung products recently. First the parents bought me a Galaxy Tab for birthday and now I win this Galaxy Camera. That's not all! To be honest I'm very tempted to get Samsung ATIV Smart PC as my graduation gift too (my laptop seriously cmi). I think I might as well get S4 when it's out. :P

Wells, will upload some photos from my new toy soon.
Till then! :) 

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  1. if you want the camera, with that amount of money, it's better to take canon g15 instead

    or, if you want the connectivity it offers, better take smartphone such galaxy s family, iphone, pureview, or sony.

    If you want the best of this two world, just get pureview 808. with the minus your support is now limited, as symbian now is dead