Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The end of Honour Year Project

Hi everybody! Please pardon my panda like eyes and ghostly face. 
I've just printed and submitted my thesis on yesterday! 

Which means.... 


You know what, the night before I was still typing my thesis until like 2am because my laptop was being so uncooperative! :< But not really an issue to me since I usually sleeps after 2am too, just the first time that I was actually staying up to do work. :P

Anyways, I survived through my thesis writing with my laptop blue-screening me every other hour. Seriously. Super heart attack when it first started to blue screen every now and then, but eventually I got used to it.

A super candid shot of me taken by C when we were about to submit our thesis. So thankful that the papers were blocking part of my face. HAHAHA! 

To be honest, doing FYP was never a choice for me. I stepped into NUS with the mindset of doing honours.  So no matter how scared I was with this 'FYP' thing from all the stories that were shared by my seniors, I still went on because IT'S NOT A CHOICE, I MUST. #sadistic #selfabuse 

 Now that FYP is over and thinking back, it isn't really all that tough after all. Don't ask me how I survived that 10 months. But again, I must be the slackest FYP student. I have never stayed in lab any later than 5pm and I don't go to lab on weekends too. HAHAHAH!! 

Anyhow, my two cents worth of advice to potential FYP students, choosing the right prof is UTMOST important. Seriously if your prof is shit, then I can only feel sorry for you. You can always approach your senior *ehem* me for advice on which are the 'better' profs. :D


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  1. Hi Hi congrats on your thesis!!

    I came across your post, but I guessed you overlooked my comment. I was thinking if you could give advice on finding good professor since, I havent managed to secured one after being rejected by a few good ones. :( Im from life sci too!