Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Cedele @ Wheelock Place

Cedele has been around for quite a fair number of years. But I guess only recently it has become rather popular, correct me if I'm wrong. 

'Cedele’s love affair with all things natural or organic continues as we offer a delicious range of bread, cakes, pies, sandwiches, salads, soups. We define vegetarian food as having no eggs.
We offer a wide range of high fibre bread using grains and seeds such as wholewheat, oatbran, linseed, sunflower seeds and more.
Bad fats like trans fats are nowhere to be found in our bread, cakes, pastries, soups, salads and sandwiches. Improvers, softening agents, pre-mixes, chemically produced stabilizers and emulsifiers, artificial flavourings and all are forbidden in our kitchen. We don’t use preservatives for our bread, cakes and pastries either.
Only fresh and natural ingredients are used. Plus, we use the finest quality unsalted butter and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for flavour yet for body wellness. And when we need some sugar for our food, we use organic unrefined sugar for healthy reasons!'

So it seems like the whole World (well, in my perspective) has tried Cedele, particularly their sandwiches, everyone except mountain-turtle-Lirong. That's totally unexceptionable for a bread lover like me! 

Hence, Si Han and Qian Han, the two unrelated Hans brought me to Cedele Fine Dining @ Wheelock Place! <3 

Note. I said fine dining because different outlet of Cedele has different 'themes' Fine dining has a more extensive menu and of course comes with a pricier tag too. There are also semi-dining and bakery cafes which may not offer as wide variety. I suggest you hop over to their website for more details. 

Hungry girls need to eat. 

Tofu paradise sandwich.

Chicken portobello sandwich.

Sundried tomato chicken sandwich. 

When we were served with our food, my instant response was 'Wah, their sandwiches very small hor?',  which made the two girls stared hard at me 'SMALL?!' 
Ok, I've forgotten my appetite is abnormal. 

If you were to be following me on twitter, you must have seen my crazy mad love tweets for their sandwiches. Seriously NOT OVER-RATED at all! I love every single bites of it to the point that I could still remember how the sandwiches tasted like in my mouth. :') SO GOOD! The bread was lovely toasted, layered with fresh tomatoes and lettuces and accompanied by juicy chicken breasts meat which I worried would be hard like rubber. How wrong was I? Probably the best sandwich I've ever had. 

Anyway, do remember to ask the waiter what types of bread are available for the day. Apparently Cedele rotates their bread selection on a daily basis. :) I had mine with sunflower wholemeal bread which was so favorable! 

Besides our individual sandwiches, the three of us also shared a soup, double mushroom chicken soup. 

The soup was very homely and loaded with generous amount of ingredients. Double thumbs up for that!

However, the main motive of sharing the soup wasn't really for the soup itself. We wanted to have the free-flow of bread!Auntie please! But hey. We are all bread lovers. :D 

Lirong the auntie chef, slicing up the bread for everyone. (Y)

Just look at the shelf. It was loaded and flooded with BREAD! I highly recommend you to try their cinnamon bread (which I monster up half a loaf. Oops!) and raisin wholemeal bread. 

I was in heaven seriously. Which explains why I had my sandwiches and went for a few more plates of breads. #shameless

Moral of the story to Cedele: Never have any free-flow of bread when Lirong is around.  

My pretty companies, the Hans. 

Si Han. 

Qian Han.

Thanks girls for bringing Cedele into my life! :')


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