Friday, June 14, 2013

I have graduated

I know this post came like 3 weeks late? Haha! But yeah, received my results earlier last week and I'm glad to say I've made it through college life. *pop champagne* 

Would I miss college life? That's for sure, especially when I love my course (Biomedical sciences) a lot. I was actually planning to write a 'guide to NUS modules', then I got lazy. Haha! Anyone interested to read? If there are requests maybe I wouldn't be so lazy. :P 

Anyways, my commencement is on 15 July, 3pm! Come down to catch me at NUS University Cultural Centre? :D 

A few A lot of back-dated photos, probably taken on the first day when I was back from Seoul.

A very comfy knit top that I bought from Seoul. 

Guess what? This top was less than S$10. I can't bring myself to say no to this even though it might not be very suitable for SG's weather. 

Don't know why and how I have the courage to post this, but hi, I'm Miss panda! 

I think I was otw out for a movie. Carried my new bag from Seoul too! Haha! 

Ok, that was a very dressed down day (I was even in glasses). 

This was more recent.

 only 2 weeks late? :P

Was heading out to IT Expo Fair to get a new laptop for myself (my HP finally died). 

PS: my brother got himself a new laptop a week later at PC show for a better deal and couldn't stop showing off to me!! Rarhs! 

Top was bought from Seoul as well, barely S$5. :D

Carried another new bag from Seoul as well. 

A two way bag.

I like it this way, more youthful me thinks. :D 

And yes, I'm too lazy to wear my contact lens or even make up again. :P 
*cosmetics from Seoul are collecting dust in progress*

My pretty baby, an ultrabook actually. Google about it if you're an IT idiot like me. :P

Ok, last photo spamming. Byes!



  1. Love both your tops and bags! :D I've always thought stuff in korean are pricey. Congrats on graduating btw!

    1. Hee.. Thank you babe!<3 They aren't if you go to the right place! ;)

  2. Great pics…I want to read your guide to NUS modules!

    1. Thank you!:) Are you from NUS as well? Sure sure! Let me sort out my backlog before I do the guide ya? :)