Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Korea Trip 2013 Day 9 *final*

Finally we are at the last post of the trip (click to go back to my earlier posts of the trip)! *phew* eh.. I mean so sad we are 'leaving' Seoul.

Woke up early (as always) to do our last minute packing and check out of our rooms.

PS: It's a rule that you check out before 11am at Namsan Guest House 3 

I came with an almost empty luggage that is half of my height and went back with an overloading one plus a carrier which was kindly loaded by Paula. It was the cosmetics. :P

Last authentic Korean meal.

Yes, we were at Kimbap Heaven again but this time around it was another outlet located in the heart of Myeongdong. 

Finally satisfied my crave for the 30 cm long ice cream! Which I also call it the sword ice cream. 

eh.. a very bad angle of the ice cream and I, but ya I was happy. :D

After which KK and Qius went for more shopping while Paula, Juyin and I decided to check out Zoo Coffee. 

A zoo-themed cafe. 

Definitely the best place for us to camwhore! hahaha! 

Honey garlic toast.

I don't think the toast was especially good, but it's definitely a very interesting cafe to check out.

Anyways, there are also Cats Cafe and Dogs Cafe around the area in Myeongdong which we didn't have time to visit. :( Do check out if you have time and let me know if they are good?

Finally we made our way back to the guesthouse at about 4pm because we booked a van with them to send us to Incheon Airport.

Last photo with the girls at the airport before we board the plane. 

The two girls make me so tall! Me likes! Hehe! 

Somehow we are always seated together (surname maybe?). Hehe. Thank you Paula for planning the trip and bringing us around! <3 Check out her blog  for more navigations around Seoul alright? Oh, and you have any questions related to beauty and cosmetics, I think Paula would be more than happy to ask you as well. :P

Before I end, here are some tips that I think would be useful when travelling in Seoul.
1. Pick up some Korean words (definitely useful when you are lost!)
2. Check out their subway system before the trip because it's really complicated. Best is to plan the route beforehand as well. :)
3. Download Seoul's subway app on your phone!
4. Get data plan for your phone. Although most cafes have free wifi, it is best that you get your own data plans (from airport there is one). Trust me it makes life so much easier with wifi when you're lost.
5. Enjoy getting lost and explore your way out! *winks*



  1. Hi, I'm really like ur trip & can u tell me where the 30cm icecream sell is please? :D thank you so much :D

    1. Thank you dear!:) It's in Meyongdong!

    2. Ah! Is there any signal near the stall to regconize it? Like a shop or a store?! I really want to try it but I'm very bad at finding the way :((

      Sorry for asking too much TT^TT and thank you! :)